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  • In Universe Dateline: September 17th 2020
  • Heavy fighting on the outskirts of Kidal
  • Private contractors engage in merciless campaign against Boko Haram Remnants in Burkina Faso
  • Boko Haram claims to be establishing a caliphate in Mali
  • Russian jet has near-miss with Norwegian patrol aircraft over the Barents Sea
  • Chinese Maritime Militia in a stand-off with the Philippines
  • Nova Medellín Cartel takes several Europeans hostage in Columbia
  • Concerns over water supplies in Egypt grow over recent dam completion in Ethiopia
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Capt Boyle

Malian Prime Minister Visits Crisis-Stricken Region - Grand Central Times - Sept 17, 2020

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Malian Prime Minister Visits Crisis-Stricken Region

Grand Central Times - Sept 17th, 2020

Prime Minister Famory Kouyaté made a visit to the Kidal Region today as the country watches the growing military crisis with bated breath. It appears that the Prime Minister is going on a tour through the Northern half of the country in an attempt to allay fears of a coup or civil war. Few expect the crisis to escalate that far, especially since the mutineering soldiers have remained peaceful throughout this emergency. However, there are questions about the government’s credibility during this crisis.



Pictured: Malian troops standing guard outside mutineers' base.


Some have accused the President of overreacting to the situation and causing unnecessary panic and allowed for the ongoing crisis in the city of Kidal to occur. Boko Haram's ongoing attacks in the city have reportedly claimed numerous lives, and thrown the area into chaos. There are reports of fighting in the streets and it is suspected that American and French forces have been taking part in the battles raging across the city. Of particular note was the report of a helicopter being destroyed at the local governor's compound after a pitched battle took place there.



Pictured: Governor's compound post-battle. Smoke is claimed to be from a downed helicopter.


In an apparent attempt to reassure the public that the situation is being handled, the Prime Minister was seen meeting with the local governor, Issiaka Dabo, in a hospital where he is claimed to be in good health. After the meeting, Mr. Kouyaté assured the press that the crisis would soon pass, and stated that the mutineer crisis will soon be resolved and the Boko Haram threat dealt with. Some have questioned if this will be possible, even with American and French support.


By Geordi La Forge

Grand Central Times

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