Alpha Company, 3d Marine Raider Battalion

Each Team has a Unique Personality, Unique Training Times, and Unique Focuses

While all MSOTs are trained in the same techniques, different teams take to certain tactics more heavily than others

This turns them into specialists – allowing mission sets to be distributed – when strategically possible – according to the strengths of a given MSOT

Team Leadership

Capt J. Hart

MSgt D. McManus

Marine Special Operations Team 8311


Event Schedule

Operations: 2nd & 4th Sundays @2000 EST

Training: 1st & 3rd Sundays @1700 EST

Under the command of Capt J. Hart since 2016, MSOT 8311 “Legion” is the most senior team in the unit and brings to bear
the most leadership experience, training time, and tactical proficiency

Legion places a heavy emphasis on operator skill, teamwork, communication, & thorough planning – Believing that a small unit of
exceptional warfighters outshines larger forces of mediocre ones
Overtrain; So the Normal Stuff is Easy

Legion has a culture of professionalism; focusing on attention to detail & never-ending improvement

Legion specializes in Advanced CQB, Heliborne Operations, and Maneuver Warfare


Team Leadership

Capt M. Boyle

GySgt P. Van Dyke

Marine Special Operations Team 8312



Event Schedule

Operations: 1st & 3rd Sundays @2000 EST

Training: 2nd & 4th Saturdays @1930 EST

Under the command of Capt M. Boyle since 2022, MSOT 8312 “Viking” is the most junior team in the unit but uses that to
their advantage, giving them a fresh perspective, creative tactics, and superior adaptability

Viking focuses heavily on the doctrine of Superior Firepower – Bringing heavy weapons and overwhelming force to bear against their enemies
If They Can’t Kill It, It Can’t Die

Viking has a laid-back culture focusing on adaptability & casual professionalism

Viking specializes in Crew Served Weapons Employment, Heliborne Operations, and HALO Drops


Team Leadership

Capt M. Hawkins

MSgt R. Falconer

Marine Special Operations Team 8313



Event Schedule

Operations: 2nd & 4th Saturdays @1500 EST

Training: 1st & 3rd Saturdays @1500 EST

Under the command of Capt M. Hawkins since 2019 and MSgt R. Falconer since 2017, MSOT 8313 “Hades” has a storied history and a wealth of
operational experience to draw from with the unit’s most senior enlisted as Team Chief and the second most senior officer as Team Leader

Hades commits to raw aggression & extreme violence to accomplish their objectives – They hold nothing back and take operational roadblocks in stride
Two to the Chest? More Like a Lot to the Everywhere

Hades has a laid-back culture that flips to lethal professionals at the drop of a hat – Willing to put in work to improve whenever needed
Hades’ event times are also tailored to be more suitable for European Members, including MSgt R. Falconer from Sweden

Hades specializes in Direct Action Assaults, CQB, and Raids


Section Leadership

LTC N. Brueske

MAJ K. Carrera

160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR)

US Army Aviation


Event Schedule

Sundays @2000 EST & Saturdays @1500 EST
Dependant on Pilot Availability

Saturday @2000 EST

Under the command of LTC N. Brueske since 2017, the 160th excels at missions deemed to hazardous for
normal aviators – No LZ Too Hot, No Air Support Too Dangerous

The 160th will do whatever it takes to ensure the troops they support can successfully carry out their assigned missions

Death Waits in the Dark

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