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  • In Universe Dateline: May 22nd 2021
  • WAR IN EUROPE, The Balkans aflame once again
  • UN Condemns Serbian aggression against Kosovo and Montenegro. Urges immediate ceasefire.
  • Russian foreign ministry to release statement on conflict regarding combat aircraft stationed in Serbia.
  • Deleted Tweet from US Aviator: "Strap Me in My Cockpit and Point Me at Belgrade!"
  • Colombian army clashes with Nova MedellĂ­n Cartel. Dozens killed.
  • Private Military Company Cold Harbor reports record profits for 2020.
  • DOD official: "No US forces in the line of fire in Kosovo"
  • Industrial explosion blankets Indiana town with marshmellow fluff.

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  1. Well your first few days at the FSB have been quite lively but we're about to kick it up a notch. I'm talking full blown push north to sweep these commie [censored] out of the jungle. Drop your boots and grab your floaties however, as we're heading up river to cause havoc and eliminate AAA threats. Reread below as loadouts have been updated slightly. Loadout Restrictions: All Classes are allowed sidearms AT/RTO/Squad Leader - Limited to M16 or M14. No optics Demolitions - M16, Thompsons, M3s. No optics. Carry explosives and defuse equipment Engineer - Thompsons, M3s, Shotguns, M2 Flamethrower. No optics. Carry toolkit and defuse equipment. Machine Gunner - M60, or M63A. No optics Medic - M16. No optics Marksman - M14 or M16. With optic Sniper - M40 with optic Grenadier - M79 Pilots - M3 Sign Ups Squad Lead: Capt Boyle? RTO: Medic: Grenadier: Machine Gunner: HM3 (FMF) Mitchell Marksman: CW4 Dalton Sniper: LCpl Sydney Engineer: 2ndLt Rougthvedt Demolitions: Anti-Tank: Anti-Tank: Pilot 1: WO1 Stukas Pilot 2: WOC Mangold Fun Op THIS SATURDAY (08APR23) @2000 Turn up your music for the vibes!
  2. SSgt Spears

    Operation Dehydrated Horse - Vietnam Fun Op - 08APR23 @2000

    the missile knows where it is because it knows where you are
  3. SSgt Spears

    Operation Copper Dragon 29MAR23 @2000

    Welcome to Vietnam boys! No mission details yet. You're just getting off the boat! This will be a more serious style of fun op with the potential to become a campaign. I am putting some weapon restrictions on roles to keep things interesting. Rifleman/RTO/Squad Leader - Limited to M16 or M14. No optics AT - Same as Rifleman but with AT Demolitions - M16, Thompsons, M3s. No optics. Carry explosives and defuse equipment Engineer - Thompsons, M3s, Shotguns. No optics. Carry toolkit and defuse equipment Machine Gunner - M60, BAR, or M63A. No optics Medic - M16. No optics Marksman - M14 or M16. With optic Sniper - M40 with optic Grenadier - M79 Pilots - M3 That out of the way, sign up below: Squad Lead: Capt Boyle RTO: Medic: HN Dodd Grenadier: LCpl Aernhardt Machine Gunner: HM3 (FMF) Mitchell Marksman: WO1 Osborn Sniper: LCpl Sidney Engineer: Demolitions: HM1 (FMF) Millward Anti-Tank: HM3 Z. Valentine Rifleman: Rifleman: Rifleman: Pilot 1: WO1 Stukas Pilot 2: LCpl Mangold Fun Op 29MAR23 @2000
  4. July 17th 1944 Allied forces are fighting the Germans for control over Chef-du-Pont, a small French village with a valuable bridge. While this would be a significant victory in itself, allowing friendly armor to advance further inland, there is a more valuable prize. A German airfield and military installation were spotted by recon to the south. British Commandos are being sent in to clear it and capture the airfield. British Commandos Team "Jaguar" Sergeant: Medic: HN Dodd Medic: AT Soldier: Capt Boyle At Soldier: HM3 Z. Valentine Bren Gunner: LCpl Mangold Grenadier: WO1 Stukas Rifleman: 2ndLt Rougthvedt Rifleman: LCpl Sidney Rifleman: Rifleman: Rifleman: 22MAR2023 - @2000 EST
  5. I suppose anti air for me
  6. SSgt Spears

    The Helris Campaign - 40k Fun Op 4DEC22 @1800EST

    I'd like to be Medicae again :]
  7. Alright Lancers, new mission. Some insurectionists took over an abandoned power plant and have been doing their best to perform cyber attacks on our systems. Lately there was a breach of some top secret files. We need you to retrieve those files, eliminate the insurgents, and destroy the equipment. Simple as. UAV recon of the site below: Sign Ups: Pick your color AND a role The roles are: Team Lead, AT, Machine Gunner, Demolitions. One per team. Recon gets a sniper rifle. Blue Team Blue: Light Blue: Sgt Gwynne - AT Teal: Sgt Hoffer - MG Black: SSgt Van Dyke - Demo Red Team Red: Maroon: Sgt Melo - Demo Orange: HN Z. Valentine - AT Lightish Red: HM2 Mitchell - MG Recon Olive: HM2 (FMF) Millward - Recon
  8. SSgt Spears

    Operation Combustion - 19NOV22 @2000est

    Reminder to pick your role as well @Sgt Gwynne @HN Z. Valentine
  9. SSgt Spears

    Operation Combustion - 19NOV22 @2000est

    I don't know why I put yellow. Was probably exhausted when I posted this. Fixed to Lightish Red. Also, what role do you want @Capt Boyle
  10. The details of your mission are classified. You will be briefed in the armory. Roles Reaper 1 Team Leader: Rifleman: HMC (FMF) Frase Rifleman: HN Z. Valentine Machinegunner: 1stLt Boyle Grenadier: Reaper 2 Team Leader: Rifleman: Marksman: WOC Sidney Machinegunner: HM2 (FMF) Hedd Grenadier: Reaper 3 Team Leader: Rifleman: Rifleman: Machinegunner: Grenadier:
  11. Korean and Chinese troops have overrun a section of the 1st Marine Division along the Chosin Reservoir. You're part of a Ranger detachment of the US 5th Ranger Infantry Company that is going to descend down the Toktong Pass and counter assault the Chinese 39th and Korean 9th armies. You'll be supported by T26's and M4 Sherman's from the 89th Tank Batallion that still linger in the area. The main objective is to eleminate anti-air positions along the bank so that once the current blizzard passes, air support can come in. FunOp Date: 24th of September @2000EST Mods will be posted on Discord in the Fun Ops section Sign Ups 1st Lieutenant: Team Leader: GySgt Cole Rifleman: HN Z. Valentine Rifleman (AT): 1stLt Boyle Machine Gunner: HM2 (FMF) Hedd Team Leader: Rifleman: Rifleman (AT): SSgt Rougthvedt Machine Gunner: Team Leader: Rifleman: Rifleman (AT): Sniper: HA Sevyn
  12. Good time zone everyone. In leu of a funop this weekend I figure why not try out some GMOD? I have a "modpack" setup with gamemodes, maps, player models, and such. There's 2 main rules for me when it comes to these games. 1. Dead Men Tell No Tales. You're dead, play dead. You can make death noises if you see the death coming, othewise if it's a sudden instant death try not to make noise. And stay quiet when dead! 2. Have fun. Not a joke, just legitimately. Remember it's all a game and meant to be funny. One of the TTT mods adds additional roles. I'm using specifically the outdated version because there isn't as much setup needed and the newer one has a shit ton of roles to file through. Might swap to it eventually. These roles all have custom rules so I'll spoiler tag them so as to not take up that much space. Here's the mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1137068160
  13. SSgt Spears

    Klestry Forest War - 40k Fun Op 17SEP22 @2000EST

    Medicae please
  14. Do I even need to put text here? Does anyone need a reason? 40k OP! You are the 700th Cadian Shocktrooper regiment. There are some nasty Orks that overran the 667th in a nearby abandoned city. Your job is to clear them out. This funop is going to be rough and gritty and you will likely die multiple times. Positions Captain: Maj Whelan Priest: Gold Squad Sergeant: Shocktrooper: 1stLt Boyle Shocktrooper: HA Z. Valentine Shocktrooper: Cobalt Squad Sergeant: Shocktrooper: Shocktrooper: Shocktrooper: Ruby Squad Sergeant: Shocktrooper: Shocktrooper: Shocktrooper: Sniper Team Sniper: HMC (FMF) Frase Sniper: SSgt Xanzi There are also 4 specialist roles that will be assigned to squads once we load in. Flamer: SSgt Rougthvedt Karskin Hellgun: HM3 Mitchell Meltagunner: Sgt Newman Plasmagunner: I'll post the mods list shortly.
  15. SSgt Spears

    Operation Sunset - 08/13/2022 @2000EST

    ONI Intelligence has informed us recently of a specimen outbreak in an abandoned research facility. Evidently there was a reactor leak and this caused the underground facility to fully evacuate and they never got the chance to destroy their specimens. When a cleanup team was put in to fix the reactor, they were attacked by specimens that managed to break free. Since then the whole facility has been on lockdown and the power was cut. We're not taking any chances. You're being sent in to terminate any specimens left. We have little information on them other than they're not of this world. Power will be restored and we'll send you the access codes to open the main vault door. Good luck. Signups: Fireteam Adder Team Lead: 1stLt Boyle Rifleman: Sgt Smith Rifleman: HMC (FMF) Frase Automatic Rifleman: SSgt Rougthvedt Demolitions Expert: SSgt Van Dyke Medic: HM3 Mitchell Fireteam Coyote Team Lead: Rifleman: Rifleman: Automatic Rifleman: Demolitions Expert: Medic: Fireteam Osprey Team Lead: Rifleman: Rifleman: Automatic Rifleman: Demolitions Expert: Medic:
  16. SSgt Spears

    Vietnam Fun Op: Operation Elephant, 1900 EST Saturday 8/6

    Does the Scout have a scoped rifle? If so, Scout. If not Demolitions plz
  17. Quick Funop Here: The German held French town of Neaville is currently host to one of the largest AA batteries in France. Your task is to clear the town and detonate those AA guns then hold for German counterattacks. Sign Ups: Squad Leader: MSgt Falconer Squad Medic: HM3 Mitchell Marksman: Sgt Newman Red Fire Team Lead: 1stLt Boyle Machinegunner: SSgt O'Brien Rifleman: SSgt Xanzi Rifleman: HMC (FMF) Frase Medic: MSgt McManus Blue Fire Team Lead: SSgt Van Dykr Machinegunner: Rifleman: Rifleman: Medic: Gold Fire Team Lead: Machinegunner: Rifleman: Rifleman: Medic: Green Fire Team Lead: Machinegunner: Rifleman: Rifleman: Medic: M5A1 Stuart Gunner: SSgt Rougthvedt M4A3 Sherman Gunner (Unlocked Only When 2 Teams Fill):
  18. This is a pretty simple fun op to give a try with the new zombie mod. You're a survivor in southern Alaska. The entire state is being cut off from the world but you refuse to stay. This new strain of Covid-19 is different. It's making people feral. People are eating each other. It's like those zombie movies you used to watch! You heard a nearby police station might have better weapons and a radio to contact the airfield on one of the islands so you can get out of here. I also made a teaser trailer :] You'll need these mods: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mupA2dIisCS860aWTWLQwZpP1B5MPZF9/view?usp=sharing There are plenty of slots but please sign up below so I can get an idea of how many people are attending.
  19. SSgt Spears

    Black Powder Red Earth mini campaign. Fridays Approx 2200 EST

    Ember 2 Medic Or any medic. I wanna be a doctor
  20. As members of the Clear Sky faction, your goals have been to clean up radiation and help try to eradicate anomalies. Through the use of several scouts and interrogating captured enemies, it is believed that another faction named Monolith has an underground facility that existed before the incidents. In there is a device that is believed to be creating more anomalies. Your group is tasked with infiltrating the bunker system and planting demolition charges on the device before extracting. There are plenty of player slots with no real roles with the only exception being a team leader position. Just sign up below so I get an idea of how many of you are showing up. Other than that, just show up at 2000 on the 12th (Saturday). The server should be up 15-30 minutes early to create your loadout. Team Leader: SSgt Boyle Mods: ONLY THESE MODS. NO MORE NO LESS A collection for your convenience https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2331877598