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  • In Universe Dateline: September 17th 2020
  • Heavy fighting on the outskirts of Kidal
  • Private contractors engage in merciless campaign against Boko Haram Remnants in Burkina Faso
  • Boko Haram claims to be establishing a caliphate in Mali
  • Russian jet has near-miss with Norwegian patrol aircraft over the Barents Sea
  • Chinese Maritime Militia in a stand-off with the Philippines
  • Nova Medellín Cartel takes several Europeans hostage in Columbia
  • Concerns over water supplies in Egypt grow over recent dam completion in Ethiopia


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    I prefer to refer to them as GLUK. Group for Liberation of Underrepresented Kosovans. This means we can report that we "Found the GLUK HQ" or that "We're in the GLUK-Mobile"
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    Transcript and analysis of Kosovan Ministry of Internal Affairs interrogation of subject detained near the Serbian border: Interviewer (I): Do you understand these rights as they have been provided to you? Prisoner (P): Yes, just ask your damn questions. I: Very well, what is your name? P: Ivan Kosančić. I: You were captured at the site of several murders of Kosovan soldiers amongst several unidentified militants. Would you care you elaborate as to your role in these murders and why you did this? P: You roaches never ask the real question first. I: And that would be? [Silence for 30 seconds, the Prisoner continues smoking] P: You really want to know who we were working for. They’re Serbian, but it sure isn’t those pussies in Belgrade. I: So then who? P: The Serbian Liberation of Kosovo Group. We are working to free the Serbian people of this land from your slow genocide of our people and culture. I: And how does killing five Kosovan soldiers achieve that? P: For starters, it was a blow against your attempts to deny our lands the true autonomy we deserve. And it secured vital supplies for the movement. I: So you intend to fight an insurgency? P: Of course, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it! I: You seem certain about that. P: Obviously, do you think I’d be talking if I thought you could do anything about it? I: … P: We’re going to do what those cowards can’t man up and do. We’ll make you Shiptars run back to that hellhole you call a country in the South. We’re going to be waiting in every shadow until you realize whose lands these really belong to. [The Prisoner stands up and begins shouting] The Serbian government may be willing to tolerate your boot on our brothers and sisters, but the real Serbian people won’t! We’re going to burn you out like the infection you are! We’re gonna see how many dead sons you’re willing to suffer before you flee! [Security officers enter the room and restrain the Prisoner] P: I hope you fight, so my comrades can make you scum bleed like the pigs you are! You’ll see us soon enough! Analysis: The subject appears to be a firm believer in Serbian ethnonationalism. There is reason to believe the subject is part of a group intending to incite an insurgency along the border with Serbia. The subject appeared to hold negative views of the Serbian government, despite espousing much of the same ideology of the current ruling party. No proper identification of the subject could be determined as the name he gave appears to be a reference to a famous Serbian knight from the 1300s. The subject has refused further interviews, stating "he had said what we needed to hear". Most of the equipment he and the others at the scene appears to be civilian or black market in origin, lending credence to the theory that they are acting independently of Belgrade. However, there is reason to believe they have at least some support from members of the Serbian government, as the helicopter seen escaping from the area did not appear to be intercepted by the Serbian border guards or military. Recommend an increase in police and military presence near the border to deter or interdict further cross-border activity and search for members of this so-called "SLKG".
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    Excerpt from Presidential Daily Briefing, May 20th, 2021 State Dept. INR partially dissents on conclusions Analysts at the CIA, DIA, and NSA have concluded that at least a faction of the Serbian government is likely conducting hybrid warfare against Kosovo. Recent incidents along the Kosovan-Serbian border have suddenly become violent in at least four instances, including the murder of five Kosovan soldiers, the theft of Kosovan military equipment, and the engagement of US Marines in the region with gunfire. The group, identified as the Serbian Liberation of Kosovo Group, appears to be a fringe paramilitary group originating in Serbia but has at least some connections in Kosovo, particularly in the ethnic Serbian minority regions along the border. The group does have at least some backing from members of the Serbian government and military, demonstrated by their skirmish with US forces in the area during a training exercise. At least part of the group that opened fire on the Marines was able to escape via helicopter over the border, which did not appear to be challenged by Serbian border guards or the military. However, a credible source within the Serbian Ministry of Defense reported confusion regarding that incident amongst officials, with numerous commanders stationed along the border reportedly calling in attempting to figure out what was happening. NSA was able to confirm a spike in communication activity between the forward-deployed Serbian units and Belgrade. It is still the assessment of all agencies that Serbia is not in a position at this time to engage in a direct conflict, but there is a possibility that the SLKG is a stopgap measure to keep Kosovan forces off balance while the conventional forces prepare. Build up of Serbian forces along the Kosovan border DIA estimates that Serbia requires at least another three months to reach combat readiness and will likely display several indicators prior to any direct action. NSA and CIA concur. State Dept. INR dissents on the timeline, as no movement has been made through any of Serbia’s diplomatic missions to offset any controversial actions.
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    Russian aircraft arrive in Serbia for joint training. In a statement from the Serbian Ministry of Defence, the Serbian government has announced a large-scale military exercise alongside Russia. The exercise, set to take place between May 1st and June 30th, is officially to test the overall readiness of Serbian forces in responding to emerging crises but is more than likely set to be a response to the joint US-Kosovo exercise taking place at the same time. Relations between Serbia and Kosovo have been poor ever since Kosovo declared and gained its independence in 2008, a move that was illegal according to the Serbian constitution. The exercise will be the largest exercise since the withdrawal of NATO forces from Kosovo (KFOR) in 2015 and involve nearly 60.000 soldiers from all branches of the Serbian military and police forces. Russian airforce plans spotted on undisclosed Serbian airbase Along with Serbian troops, Russia is sending the 36th Guards Fighter Regiment to take part in the exercise. This will be the largest deployment of Russian troops to a European country outside of Belarus since the fall of the Soviet Union. This deployment has drawn the eye of militaries all across Europe. Especially nearby NATO members Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, and Hungary as well as NATO candidate Montenegro have taken an interest in this sudden appearance of the Russian Airforce in their backyard. Albania, Bulgaria, and Romania have all increased their air patrols as well as requested further joint NATO assistance in establishing air patrols over the Balkans much like NATO air patrols in the Baltic countries. Declassified satelite image of undisclosed Serbian airbase As always ADANews will continue to cover this situation as it unfolds. This potential flashpoint in the Balkans threaten to open up the wounds of the Yugoslav wars as well as the "foolish thing in the Balkans" that sparked the horrendous slaughter of the first world war. Malcolm Reynolds ADANews
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    //SECRET//JSOC//MARSOC From: [email protected] <Clark Williams> To: [email protected] <Sean Whelan> Subject: Notice of Deployment All Commands and Attachments are hereby notified that Alpha Company, 3d MRB; Alpha Section, 160th SOAR, and all supporting detachments are to prepare for immediate deployment to the country of Kosovo for a joint training exercise with local forces. All commands are to ensure OPSEC through rank and file. Deployment for all commands is required no later than May 17th, and exercises shall begin no later than May 19th. Briefing as follows. Due to the ongoing tensions between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia, the Kosovan government has requested that US forces provide training on how to counter special forces. It is the belief of JSOC that the presence of elements of the US military will provide a stabilizing factor in the ongoing crisis. Current intel does not suggest that Serbia is prepared for combat operations and is unlikely to engage in direct conflict within the coming months. At this time, we cannot dismiss the chance of provocations from the Serbian side, however, all US forces are not allowed to use live rounds unless fired upon. All US forces are to ensure that they do not escalate the situation under any circumstances without orders from higher. Given the previous direct action experience with the Russian Spetsnaz tactics Serbian special forces are trained on, Alpha Company, 3d MRB will utilize that previous experience to train with the Kosovan 3rd Battalion near the border. The Kosovan government has notified locals of the ongoing training and will ensure that the exercise areas are clear of civilians. Signed, Lieutenant Colonel C. Williams Commanding Joint Special Task Force Cobra Attachments Kosovo.jpg AO Minuteman
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