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  • In Universe Dateline: March 18th 2020
  • Chinese Cargo Ship Siezed by US Military in Indonesia
  • Two Police killed during a drug-related shooting in the Ikan Archipelago. Another five in critical condition
  • Hostages aboard the MV Europa Flame rescued by US Navy SEALs
  • Boko Haram robs bank for over $700,000
  • Ayatollah killed in suicide bombing during morning prayers in Tehran
  • Iranian counteroffensive launched against Saudi occupation forces
  • Saudi Arabia takes Iranian coastline relativly uncontested
  • Republic of Kurdistan established as a free and independant nation
  • New Afghan National Army clear Pol-e-Khomri of Taliban following a string of sucessfull offensive operations
  • Singapore and Malasia step up naval activity following increase in piracy along Malacca Strait

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  3. //SECRET//JSOC//MARSOC From: [email protected] <Clark Williams> To: [email protected] <Mark Stanton>, [email protected] <Sean Whelan>, [email protected] <Jim Teival> Subject: Notice of Immediate Redeployment Intel confirming the transfer of chemical shipment ownership to Boko Haram has prompted another change in AO. ODAs and Phantom 1 are to establish a forward base within Kujari Province on the Eastern border of Burkina Faso NLT 10APR20. MSOC and Phantom 2 will redeploy to Burkina Faso NLT 12APR20. Intel indicates the situation on the ground is volatile with multiple warlords vying for control of the area. Boko Haram is likely using this chaos to stay hidden. Task Force Cobra will exploit this dynamic and decisively locate and remove chemical components, means of assembly, and funding being used by Boko Haram. Boko Haram's acquisition of these components is a severe threat. Assembly is likely already beginning. Identifying Boko Haram's likely targets, avenues of distribution, and weapon location are critical IOT take preventative measures against a chemical weapon deployment. Preventing another chemical weapon attack is the highest priority for Task Force Cobra and USSOCOM at this time. Prioritize accordingly. Signed, Lieutenant Colonel C. Williams Commanding Joint Special Task Force Cobra ATTACHMENTS burkinafaso.jpg
  4. //SECRET//JSOC//MARSOC From: [email protected] <Thomas Godfrey> To: [email protected] <Clark Williams> Subject: RE: Chemical Weapons Intel Summary You are authorized for immediate redeployment. Your primary mission set has been changed to tracking down and removing these chemical agents, dealers, and suppliers. EUCOM has been notified of your upcoming arrival and has prepared Naval Air Station Sigonella in Sicily for your arrival. Keep me updated with your progress. Signed, General Thomas A. Godfrey III Commanding United States Special Operations Command //SECRET//JSOC//MARSOC From: [email protected] <Clark Williams> To: [email protected] <Mark Stanton>, [email protected] <Sean Whelan>, [email protected] <Jim Teival> Subject: Notice of Immediate Redeployment Task Force Cobra has been tasked with tracking and removing the chemical agents discovered to have been transported to the Mediterranean. Phantom 2 and the MSOC will be immediately transiting to Air Station Sigonella in Sicily. The MSOC will be responsible for making landfall on Malden Island and securing a compound to establish a COP. Preliminary intel indicates the island is controlled by a separate group of pirates and armed militants. The level of control they exert over the island is not currently known, but it is thought to be somewhat less than the Ikan. As Iglas were included in the shipping manifest and the status of enemy forces on the ground is not known, a COP must be established and a secure flight path into the COP must be cleared before 160th may deploy to the island. Once the COP is established, and a flight path is cleared, the 160th will deploy with Phantom 2. Phantom 2 will begin immediately confirming the location of the ports used for transit and identifying the second vessel that is shipping chemical agents. The MSOC will then be responsible for direct action missions against these targets. The ODAs and Phantom 1 will retain control of the COP in the Ikan Archipelago until they are relieved by other US forces or USSOCOM terminates operations in the Ikan. Departure from the Ikan will be at 0200 local, 19MAR20, with a flight time of approximately 12 hours to Sicily where the local time upon arrival will be 0900 local, 19MAR20. Operations are clear to commence at first dark unless a daylight infil plan can be provided that does not jeopardize forces upon arrival. Signed, Lieutenant Colonel C. Williams Commanding Joint Special Task Force Cobra WEATHER REPORT Highs of 63F/17C with humidity up to 80%. Mostly sunny during the days, clear in the late evening and overnight. Winds medium to heavy, variable up to 28mph/24kts on Sunday. Sunrise at approximately 06:10 with Sunset at approximately 18:05. The 19th is a Waxing Gibbous with a full moon on the 27th. ATTACHMENTS maldenAO.jpg malden.jpg copwide.jpg copclose.jpg
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  6. //SECRET//JSOC//MARSOC From: [email protected] <Clark Williams> To: [email protected] <Thomas Godfrey> Subject: Chemical Weapons Intel Summary Intel recovered from a seized cargo ship has indicated chemical weapon components have recently been transported through the Ikan archipelago into the Mediterranean. The signature on several documents belongs to one Viktor Vasilyev, a Russian national who helped supply the materials for the 2018 chemical attack in Baghdad as well as supplying chemical components to Iran during 2018 and 2019. He evaded capture on numerous occasions during Operation Desert Dragon and recent intel from the CIA indicates he has expanded his clientele over the last year as a result of his higher-profile successes. Viktor Vasilyev (ROUGHCOAT) The port in the Ikan appears to have been used as a halfway stop between China or Eastern Russia and the Mediterranean. Recovered location logs and a Bill of Landing indicate this ship was on a return journey from an island in the southern Mediterranean where it offloaded Iglas, hazmat gear, Methylphosphonyl Difluoride, and Methylphosphoric Acid, which are components needed to create sarin. Email correspondences were recovered between this ship's captain, Siafa Osmani, Viktor Vasilyev, and one Zhao Qiu who is believed to be the captain of a second vessel. These correspondences contained basic instructions on the creation of sarin and were likely passed onto whomever the product was delivered to. These correspondences further indicate that the second vessel contains an additional shipment of components and has just arrived in the Mediterranean port. I have transportation options arranged and am prepared to immediately redeploy forces to intercept this threat if necessary. Signed, Lieutenant Colonel C. Williams Commanding Joint Special Task Force Cobra ATTACHMENTS Ships Computer Computer - "MV Hēi Zhēnzhū Location Logs" MV Hēi Zhēnzhū' previously docked at a port in the Mediterranean. There is a reference to BOL #3411000 "Bill of Lading #3411000" Contents - 1 Container of Level C Hazmat Suits and Gas Masks, 1 Container of Anti-Air Weaponry (Igla), Methylphosphonyl difluoride and methylphosphonic acid dichloride (DI-DI Mixture) Shippers Signature on the bottom of the document is "Viktor Vasilyev" Ship Bridge/Captains office Computer - Excerpt from Email Correspondence, Viktor Vasilyev The second process, uses equal quantities of methylphosphonyl difluoride and methylphosphonic acid dichloride, a mixture "Di-Di" in this process, rather than just the difluoride. This reaction also gives sarin, but hydrochloric acid as a byproduct instead. Documents - Crew Manifest Captain - Siafa Osmani Chief Mate - Toyuwa Sane Able Seaman (Cargo Operations) - Gamba Maalouf Chief Engineer - Omari Okonkwo Personnel on Shore Leave - Chief Cook Batou Odili, Expected back at 1915 Hours
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  13. I thought we established last time that Godfrey is immortal.
  14. //SECRET//JSOC//MARSOC From: [email protected] <Thomas Godfrey> To: [email protected] <Clark Williams> CC: [email protected] <Mark Stanton> Subject: Notice of Immediate Deployment Per orders from POTUS all Commands and Attachments are hereby notified that Task Force Cobra and all supporting detachments are to prepare for immediate deployment to the Ikan Archipelago in response to recent actions in the Malacca Strait. All commands are to ensure OPSEC throughout rank and file. Deployment for all commands is expected no later than March 11th and Task Force Cobra shall begin operations no later than March 12th. Direct presence of command is required. Briefing to follow. Two days ago the American crew of the MV Europa Flame was taken hostage while transiting the Malacca Strait approximately 525 nautical miles northwest of Singapore. This marks the 67th ship to be attacked in this strait over the last 365 days and the third ship with American crew. Today the hostages were rescued, and the ship was recovered by DEVGRU. Recovered intelligence has tied several of the most recent attacks to the Ikan Archipelago off the coast of Indonesia. The uptick in activity, including the targeting of US Citizens, is of growing concern to the Pentagon. In response, Task Force Cobra is tasked with seeking out and destroying any and all organizations hostile to US interests within the Ikan Archipleago. Permission has been secured from the Indonesian government for US forces to operate on their soil. That said, discretion is always expected. Attached is an orientation image. An intelligence estimate will be provided once compiled. God speed. Signed, General Thomas A. Godfrey III Commanding United States Special Operations Command ATTACHMENTS TFCOrientation.jpg
  15. Cargo Ship Hostages Rescued by US Navy SEALs The Grand Central Times - Dateline March 9th 2020 Image of the hostage rescue released by the Pentagon Families of the MV Europa Flame's crew, who had been held hostage for over 48 hours aboard the vessel since their abduction on Saturday, can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The Pentagon announced early this morning that a hostage rescue operation was successfully conducted by US Navy SEALs, and that all six hostages were recovered with only minor injuries. According to reports, the crew was accosted by a series of fast-moving boats late Saturday afternoon. The boats contained men with automatic weaponry who quickly boarded the vessel and took the crew hostage. It comes as no shock that an absurdly high ransom was subsequently demanded from the parent company of the Europa Flame and what can sometimes become a long standoff began. However, the fast and decisive action of the US Military has put a quick end to what would surely have been a terrifying experience for the crew. There are even rumors that the raid itself was conducted by the infamous Seal Team 6, who were made famous by the operation they conducted to kill Osama Bin-Laden in 2011. Unfortunately however, we could not find any source that could verify this claim. The successful rescue of the MV Europa Flame's crew comes as a great relief, not only to the families of the sailors, but to international experts on piracy in the South China Sea as well. Experts have cautioned on numerous occasions that piracy in the region has been steadily on the rise in recent years. This is especially concerning as the area that has seen the most uptick in activity includes key shipping lanes in and around Singapore, which has about 40% of global trade pass through every year. The raid reasserts the US' commitment to never negotiate with terrorists, in any region but as a reminder for this one, and experts hope it may serve as a deterrent to future pirates in the region. While US' projection of military power abroad has been a point of concern for many, in this instance at least, there is very little that can be argued against if their actions serve to secure such a vast portion of the global economy. I don't want pirates stealing the things I'm ordering on Amazon and I'm sure no one else does either. Alan White - The Grand Central Times *This news report is a fictional work created to support the 3d MRB ARMA gameplay