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  • In Universe Dateline: May 22nd 2021
  • WAR IN EUROPE, The Balkans aflame once again
  • UN Condemns Serbian aggression against Kosovo and Montenegro. Urges immediate ceasefire.
  • Russian foreign ministry to release statement on conflict regarding combat aircraft stationed in Serbia.
  • Deleted Tweet from US Aviator: "Strap Me in My Cockpit and Point Me at Belgrade!"
  • Colombian army clashes with Nova Medellín Cartel. Dozens killed.
  • Private Military Company Cold Harbor reports record profits for 2020.
  • DOD official: "No US forces in the line of fire in Kosovo"
  • Industrial explosion blankets Indiana town with marshmellow fluff.

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  1. Coup underway in San Esperito. Numerous reports are coming out of the small Caribbean island nation of San Esperito of an ongoing violent coup attempt. Reportedly this coup is undertaken by members of a hardline faction within the country's military led by Colonel Gustavo Calderon as well as paramilitary militias loyal to Calderon. Gunfire could be heard across the small island nation all day as Calderons forces engaging government forces and try to seize control of the island. As things stand now Calderons’s Junta controls 70 % of the island and will likely assume full control early tomorrow. With so many eyes focused on the Serbian invasion of Kosovo and Montenegro this new flashpoint has gone remarkably unnoticed with an official statement from the US and UN still not forthcoming. Pro Calderon forces attacking the San Esperito post office. With San Esperito having been hit particularly hard by the recent Hurricane Fiona, and intenational aid mostly directed towards the ongoing conflict in the Balkans, San Esperitos economy has nearly collapsed and living standards have plummeted across the island. As a result the people of San Esperito has turned to political extremes and primarily to Colonel Calderon who is very popular among Esperitoans. Calderon’s great grandfather led the Esperitoan rebels in a revolt against the Spanish that eventually saw the island gain independence. The Calderon family has become something of a permanent dynasty in Esperitoan military circles and the coup seems to have broad public support from the Esperitoan people. ADA News will continue to monitor the situation as it develops. Simon Tam ADA News War Correspondent
  2. WAR IN EUROPE The balkan powderkeg erupts again On the morning of May 21st 2021. Approximately 12 hours ago the Armed forces of Serbia launched several attacks across the borders with Kosovo and Montenegro. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Land forces Brigades are reportedly spearheading the attacks with airstrikes reported all along the border regions. This comes after an escalation in rhetoric from the new Serbian government in recent months. Denouncing Kosovo and Montenegro as illegitimate breakaway regions of Serbia and has vowed to restore them to Serbian control. While the US and NATO had been tracking a buildup of forces along the Kosovan border, key elements of an invasion were still lacking, such as the required logistics and medical train. These perceived shortcomings seem to have caused a severe underestimation of Serbia’s military capabilities as well as the new Serbian government's willingness to use military force to further its foreign policy goals. Initial reports suggest the Serbian forces are making quick progress into Kosovo and Montenegro with scattered indications of heavy Serbian casualties at a handful of strongpoints across Kosovo. Rumors persist that these strongpoints are held by American special forces who were in Kosovo to train the KSF, although no official statements to that effect have been forthcoming from the US Department of Defense. Neither as any official statements come from Russia in regards to the Fighter regiment stationed on Serbian airbases. ADANews will continue to monitor the conflict as always. Forces of the Serbian 3rd Brigade advancing into Kosovo. Simon Tam ADANews War Correspondent
  3. Russian aircraft arrive in Serbia for joint training. In a statement from the Serbian Ministry of Defence, the Serbian government has announced a large-scale military exercise alongside Russia. The exercise, set to take place between May 1st and June 30th, is officially to test the overall readiness of Serbian forces in responding to emerging crises but is more than likely set to be a response to the joint US-Kosovo exercise taking place at the same time. Relations between Serbia and Kosovo have been poor ever since Kosovo declared and gained its independence in 2008, a move that was illegal according to the Serbian constitution. The exercise will be the largest exercise since the withdrawal of NATO forces from Kosovo (KFOR) in 2015 and involve nearly 60.000 soldiers from all branches of the Serbian military and police forces. Russian airforce plans spotted on undisclosed Serbian airbase Along with Serbian troops, Russia is sending the 36th Guards Fighter Regiment to take part in the exercise. This will be the largest deployment of Russian troops to a European country outside of Belarus since the fall of the Soviet Union. This deployment has drawn the eye of militaries all across Europe. Especially nearby NATO members Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, and Hungary as well as NATO candidate Montenegro have taken an interest in this sudden appearance of the Russian Airforce in their backyard. Albania, Bulgaria, and Romania have all increased their air patrols as well as requested further joint NATO assistance in establishing air patrols over the Balkans much like NATO air patrols in the Baltic countries. Declassified satelite image of undisclosed Serbian airbase As always ADANews will continue to cover this situation as it unfolds. This potential flashpoint in the Balkans threaten to open up the wounds of the Yugoslav wars as well as the "foolish thing in the Balkans" that sparked the horrendous slaughter of the first world war. Malcolm Reynolds ADANews
  4. The whole of the Balkans is not worth the bones of a single MARSOC-Marine.
  5. Marksman, fuck you Norway!
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    The Helris Campaign - 40k Fun Op 4DEC22 @1800EST

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  8. Order returns to Kidal. A sense of order and normalcy has been returned to the Malian city of Kidal. The city was recently a heavily contested battleground between Malian, French and US Forces on one side and the islamic extremists of Boko Haram on the other. Boko Haram was able to secure large parts of the city in a surprise attack following a mutiny in the Malian army. The French and Malian forces present in Kidal were pushed back to the large military base just outside the city or confined in pockets scattered arun the city. A successful counterattack spearheaded by American Special Forces saw much of the city regained, however Boko Haram managed to set off several chemical weapons, initially believed to be Sarin gas, across the city. Decontamination work is expected to be ongoing for at least the coming month. Despite the lingering chemical threat the Mayor of Kidal alongside representatives of the Malian government as well as the French and American military held a large press conference in the city regarding the current status of military operations and their successes against Boko Haram. It was declared that Martial law will be lifted and additional IDAP assets be brought in as soon as French EOD techs have cleared safe passages through the heavily booby trapped parts of the city. The Mayor of Kidal arrives at FOB Botieux under heavy guard. During the press conference the Mayor layed out grand plans for the revitalization of Kidal. French and US forces are expected to remain in the region for an initial stabilization period where these troops will be patrolling the city and eliminating remaining pockets of Boko Haram resistance. Simon Tam ADANews Africa Division
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  10. Counterattack in Kidal! America on the offensive American military prowess was on full display yesterday as American air and land forces conducted a coordinated offensive against an airfield on the outskirts of the Malian city of Kidal. Locals reported both airstrikes from American attack helicopters as well as significant amounts of small arms fire in what is reported as a storming of the airfield by US Special Forces. These news comes shortly after the announcement of the deployment of US troops alongside additional French reinforcements to the country of Mali following the seizure of Kidal by the ISIS-Affiliated terrorist organisation Boko Haram. Boko Haram managed to seize control of the city following a mutiny by parts of the Malian army. The French troops stationed in and near the city were caught off guard and fighting continues to flare up across the city where pockets of French and Malian forces resist Boko Haram’s advance. Early reports of the battle indicate that a number of airstrikes were launched by American and French attack helicopters from the nearby Franco-Malian military base. This was followed up by a ground assault by alleged American special forces who seized the airfield and the surrounding buildings. Many vehicles carrying terrorists were reportedly destroyed as they tried to intervene. The smoke columns can still be seen from a distance. In a press conference held shortly after the battle died down American, French and Malian military commanders stated that the airfield had been secured and will remain in use by the Malian and French forces in the area to bring in humanitarian supplies and evacuate wounded. They also confirmed a “leak” of hazardous chemicals had taken place during the fighting but that it was contained to the airfield and failed to reach the more populated areas of the city. French and Malian troops take control of the Kidal Aerodrome following the successful US assault. Unconfirmed reports indicate at least 30 terrorists were killed in the fighting along with four still unidentified civilians. The bodies have been turned over to Malian authorities. It remains unclear if these civilians were working with Boko Haram, being held as human shields, or were simply unlucky. ADANews will continue to cover this conflict as it progresses. Simon Tam ADANews
  11. Burkina Faso sees sharp drop in terrorist activity following US Intervention ADA News - Sept. 11th, 2020 The small african country of Burkina Faso made headlines a few weeks back when rumors started surfacing about a US military intervention against the terrorist organisation Boko Haram. Rumors and unverifiable videos flooded social media claiming to show “western men with advanced military equipment” conducting military operations. Reports of explosions and airstrikes were also reported, especially in the country's lawless Kujari Province. A spokesperson of the Burkinese government stated to ADANews that the country has seen “a sharp drop in terrorist activity” and that the Burkinese Army is working closely with its US allies to restore order to the fractured country. When pressured about the rumors of chemical weapons present in the country he was reluctant to answer and just referred to earlier official government statements. With the US withdrawing part of its forces in Burkina Faso following several successful operations against Boko Haram the door has now opened for private contractors. Much like the infamous Blackwater, these contractors occupy a gray area between soldier and mercenary and have been the subjects of heavy controversy in the past. Bringing these contractors into Burkina Faso following the partial US withdrawal seems to have had a noticable impact however as terrorist activity in the country has continued to drop at a steady rate. The extent of the contracts awarded is not yet known but at least three "PMCs" have been confirmed to have contractors in Burkina Faso: The Eastern European Fire Wolves Contracting The Russian Wagner Group The US Based Cold Harbor Of the three Cold Harbor is by far the largest, holding contract across Africa and the MIddle East worth several Billion US Dollars, including but not limited to: targeted assassinations of known terrorists, ISR and Aerostat intelligence gathering, profiling, training the Burkinese army, aerial surveillance and direct airstrikes using suicide drones and light strike aircraft. Contractors from the Private Military Company "Cold Harbor" detaining suspected terrorists after a raid alongside the Burkinese military Simon Tam ADANews
  12. Gonna get all sandy again.
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