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SSgt (Ret) Oliveira

Parliament Hung Up on Increased Military Spending - The Daily Times - 30th April 2017

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Parliament Hung Up on Increased Military Spending

The Daily Times - 30th April 2017


With recent conflicts across the globe and a plague of cyber security breaches over the past 6 months, talks have been brewing on increasing the Ministry of Defense (MoD) budget. Funds added will help the creation of a new Army mechanized brigade, acquisitions of ships and aircraft for the Royal Navy and Air Force, and expanding Britain’s cyber warfare capabilities. Currently, the MoD budget is £43.7 Billion annually. The budget hasn't increased significantly in the past nine years. If Parliament passes the new budget, funding will be increased to £65.7 billion annually by 2022.

“Nothing is more important than defending our country and protecting our people. With the recent conflict in the Pacific, and tensions brewing the world over, we have chosen to try to increase defence spendings and give our Armed Forces what they need to keep Britain safe for the future” - Defence Minister Oliver Weatherholt

Most Members of Parliament are still unsure, unsure of whether it’s politically viable to support the measure just yet. Some insist that it is necessary, but plenty of Britons feel it's unimportant during this time of peace in the world. Most feel the money could go somewhere else to have a greater impact on the country as a whole than to increasing the MoDs funds. On the other hand, both Prime Minister and the Defense Minister have gone public about this issue, throwing their full support behind it. Hawkish MPs say this is all the proof the public needs to see the budget must be increased.


British troops conducting overseas peacekeeping could be a much more common sight after a budget increase.

While Parliament debates the measure, the MoD has submitted a full capabilities report before and after such an increase. Beyond the headline measures of new brigades, ships, planes and computer capabilities, funding would also allow the British Armed Forces to commit to more international peacekeeping measures. Further, the British Army could start more Foreign Internal Defense missions abroad


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British Army Land Forces HQ in Andover, where the report was compiled.

Our polling on the matter indicates a soft divide in the population, where around 25% of the population feels the funding is “strongly or somewhat needed”, 30% feels it’s “somewhat or very unneeded”, around 45% feels typically British about the issue, saying “Not sure/don’t care”. “I just want to feel safe, and I guess I already do” said one respondent from Birmingham.
“We already have quite the military, but I imagine more wouldn’t hurt” said another from London.
Proponents say that this “Don’t care” category of voters will find more funding appealing in the end, wanting to support the military, but detractors still argue that they’d rather the money spent on something closer to home.


This article is a work of fiction, intended to support the storyline of the 3d MRB Arma 3 realism unit

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