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  • In Universe Dateline: Febuary 14th 2023
  • Tensions rise in South Africa after no clear winner in Presidential election
  • Bomb in Tehran café kills three IRGC members, separatists suspected
  • Dominican Republic government on verge of collapse as gang violence escalates in Santa Domingo
  • Russia claims successful test of nuclear-powered cruise missile, experts remain skeptical
  • Man claims he was acting under Taylor Swift's secret orders after being arrested at NATO summit
  • Livonia detains 12 over suspected coup attempt
  • Sahrani troops disperse protest with gunfire, 8 reported dead
  • Hurricane rips through Florida Cemetery; Hundreds reported Dead

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  1. Maj Whelan

    Operation Flamebroiled - 24NOV23 @2000

    Squad Lead
  2. Maj Whelan

    Operation Obsidian Tiger - 10/31/23 @2000EST

    Team lead
  3. Maj Whelan


    From: MAJ SEAN WHELAN <[email protected]> Date: TUE, 25MAY2021, 1642CEST CC: [email protected] To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Subject: FW:FW:RE: REORGANIZATION Gentlemen, it's been good to speak with you all and welcome you to the pleasant country of Montenegro since you made it in from Beketov last night, I've secured you at least 2 more days of rest after your week in Kosovo before we're back on combat ops, this time ought to be at a lighter tempo. I'm putting this message out to address questions and concerns I've gotten from the teams and to fill everyone in on conversations I've had with you all and Battalion about our mission in Montenegro, and disseminate to your tacs accordingly. Our orders have been modified based on the current intel assessment of the Serbian forces' performance in the Montenegro theatre of operations (AO ATLAS). We are no longer buying time in a delaying rear guard action, our new focus will be helping the Montenegrins halt the Serbian advance. The Serbs are advancing through some of the roughest terrain in the Balkans and have been bled for it. Their 1st and 2nd Brigades are the primary forces in the region and we have confident estimates that they have taken roughly a 30% casualty rate over the past week. While the Montenegrin AFM have been executing an efficient fighting withdrawal to a short, defensible frontline where they can fully utilize their professional, but relatively small force. For their part the AFM has been performing well, reporting roughly 15% losses while maintaining a squadron of light attack planes and several transport helicopters. With their numerous MANPADS and AA guns, the AFM has significantly blunted the Serbian air advantage, but they cannot completely deny the airspace to the Serbs. With these factors in play our orders have shifted towards sabotaging Serbian means of sustaining their offensive to stall them into a static frontline engagement. This will secure additional time and leverage needed to secure broader international and domestic support for intervention against Serbia and provide an opportunity for unconventional forces in the Serbian-occupied territories to establish themselves. The Truman and her strike group should be off the coast in 8 days with additional supporting assets. While we cannot conduct combat missions from Allied territory yet, we are still able to launch ISR missions which are providing us with a better picture of the battlespace. We will have an AWACS (callsign: Bandog) on station off the coast and will let the teams and aviation know if they detect any Serbian fixed-wing take-off. The mountains make detecting and tracking helicopters difficult, so do not expect AWACS to. In the meantime Battalion has seen to it that evidence collected by the teams of Serbian war crimes is being disseminated by neutral parties on social media, keep those coming as you uncover them (stop posing with the bodies, or at least don't submit those shots). We're sorting through tasking coming in from the AFM and will have detailed orders for the teams in the coming days, expect to be back in the field on Thursday. S. D. Whelan Major, U.S. Marine Corps Alpha Company Commander, 3d MRB Marine Forces Special Operation Command
  4. Maj Whelan


    From: [email protected] CC: [email protected] To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Subject: ORDERS Gentlemen, I'm glad to hear you all made it onto the trucks out of Mitrovica, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is we've restored stateside comms. Supply channels through Albania are being established, and the White House is working to get a No-Fly Zone established. The 3d's orders are to aid the Kosovo Security Forces and Montenegrin Armed Forces in the defense of their countries by slowing the Serbian advance by any means necessary in order to buy time for a broader intervention. For now, Battalion has assigned Alpha Company to aid in the defense of the city of Beketov so they can evacuate civilians. The bad news is that Kosovo is losing and we have limited support. Officially, the 3d MRB has been successfully evacuated to Albania, there are no US lives on the line in this war. From this point forward we will be operating out of uniform in low-visibility clothing and kit. The USAF isn't in a position to provide direct support, as the Germans and Italian won't let us conduct strikes from the airbases in their countries. The USS Harry Truman and her strike group will arrive from Norfolk in 10 days, but the 160th will be our direct air support until then. Since the invasion 3 days ago, KSF reported they've lost at least 40% of all military personnel and the capital fell a few hours ago. Beketov is their last remaining urban center, should the city fall the Kosovan government is likely to capitulate. Despite these setbacks, the KSF remains more than willing to fight following news of Serbian ethnic cleansing in the captured territories. Bravo Company has established a training center in Albania for Kosovans to wage a guerilla campaign. To the KSF's credit, they've bled the Serbs badly. The 3rd Brigade, in particular, took heavy losses to us and the KSF. However, they have largely reconstituted with reservists and elements from the 4th Brigade. Elements of the 72nd Spec Ops and 63rd Parachute Brigade are also still believed to be operating in our AO. Serbian air operations have also been handicapped due to diplomatic incidents involving CAPs straying into Albanian airspace and friendly fire incidents. We can still expect them to be employing ground strike fixed-wing assets and rotary assets in CAS and transport roles. In the backline, a paramilitary group calling itself Serbian Pride has been engaged in what we believe to be a coordinated and deliberate effort to ethnically cleanse predominately Albanian regions in Kosovo. Both Hades and Legion have come across them and their atrocities. All evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity are to be documented and presented to higher. If possible, try to take one of them alive. We know they are lightly equipped and go masked with balaclavas, carry cigar cutters they use as torture implements, and have approval and support of their actions by the Serbian government. I've been working with the locals to establish Camp Caveman north of the city. When you arrive get some chow and some sleep, our operation tempo won't be lightening up any time soon, more detailed orders will follow in the coming hours. S. D. Whelan Major, U.S. Marine Corps Alpha Company Commander, 3d MRB Marine Forces Special Operation Command
  5. Maj Whelan

    OPORD OP Eagle's Watch - 02-23 - MSOT 8312

    Additional AT is approved.
  6. THE HELRIS CAMPAIGN The siege of Helris is underway, traitor forces are encroaching on the capital of Helris Prime: Hive Krassus. Forces of the Adeptus Militarum, the Adeptus Astartes and the Collegia Titanica have descended upon the world in order to save it from the clutches of chaos. 40k fun op that will also be serving as a test for a few mods, including Deformer for in-ground trench systems and Drongo Air/Artillery operations for independent fire support. Mod pack will be posted on the discord. Arsenal will be provided, snacks will not be. Positions Squad Leader: MSgt Falconer Vox Caster (JTAC): Cpl Wilcox Medicae: SSgt Spears Medicae: HN Z. Valentine Engineer: HMC (FMF) Frase Shock Trooper (AT): SSgt Rougthvedt Shock Trooper (MG): HM2 (FMF) Mitchell Shock Trooper (Marksman): HM2 (FMF) Millward Shock Trooper: Sgt Gwynne Shock Trooper: Sgt Hoffer Shock Trooper: Sgt Melo Shock Trooper: Capt Hart
  7. The Klestry Forest War is in full swing. Imperial forces have set up a defensive line spanning a few kilometers to contain the Renegades. You are Shock Troopers of the Cadian 450th, manning one of these defensive positions. Your Vox Caster received information that an attack is coming. Will the Renegades break upon your lines, or will they spell your doom? Positions are as follows: Squad Leader: MSgt McMuster Vox Caster (Basilisk support): 1stLt Boyle Engineer (Melta/explosives): Daniel Medicae: SSgt Spears Shock Trooper (AT): MSgt Falconer Shock Trooper: HA Valentine Shock Trooper: HMC (FMF) Frase Shock Trooper: HM2 (FMF) Hedd Shock Trooper: SSgt Rougthvedt Shock Trooper: SSgt Van Dyke If all the above positions are filled these positions will open: Inquisition Stormtrooper: Inquisition Stormtrooper: If all slots are filled then extras will be Shock Troopers. Modpack will be posted closer to the fun op date.
  8. Maj Whelan

    Vietnam Fun Op: Operation Elephant, 1900 EST Saturday 8/6

    whichever role gives me the module
  9. Give me Team Lead.
  10. Maj Whelan

    SCP Fun Op: Operation Aufräumen. 10/30 at 1600 EST

    I'll take a Team Leader slot.
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    Operation Jackhammer Down 06SEP21 2000est

    I'll take Team Leader.
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    SCP Fun Op: Operation Dutch 5/1/21

    Element 1 Lead