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  • In Universe Dateline: March 15th 2020
  • Two Police killed during a drug-related shooting in the Ikan Archipelago. Another five in critical condition
  • Hostages aboard the MV Europa Flame rescued by US Navy SEALs
  • Boko Haram robs bank for over $700,000
  • Ayatollah killed in suicide bombing during morning prayers in Tehran
  • Iranian counteroffensive launched against Saudi occupation forces
  • Saudi Arabia takes Iranian coastline relativly uncontested
  • Republic of Kurdistan established as a free and independant nation
  • New Afghan National Army clear Pol-e-Khomri of Taliban following a string of sucessfull offensive operations
  • Singapore and Malasia step up naval activity following increase in piracy along Malacca Strait

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  1. With the 5th weekend coming up and the release of the new Vietnam DLC, I've decided to try out all parts of the new DLC. Enjoy. Start time is 1900 EST, Saturday 5/29/2021 Modpack: ONLY THESE MODS --> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2481602299 . THE VIETNAM DLC IS A REQUIREMENT Operation Gold Coast: An F-4 with squadron commander LTC Brueske was shot down near Ha Long naval base during a raid against the facility two hours ago. He had access to highly classified information about US B-52 operations from his previous assignment and this information cannot be allowed to fall into Soviet hands under any circumstances. Concord team will move in and secure the crash site and rescue the pilots. The Navy has the cruiser USS Boston stationed off-shore for fire support and will be launching diversionary airstrikes on the port to cover your approach. Take the PT boats and watch out for North Vietnamese patrol boats! Only team/element leaders and the RTO are allowed radios, and only the RTO can call in fire missions. Only Vietnam-era weapons, equipment, and uniforms are allowed. Concord Team HQ: Team Leader: SSgt O' Brien Team RTO: Team Medic Element 1: Element Leader: Point-man: Medic: Machine Gunner: Grenadier: Element 2: Element Leader: Point-man: Medic: Demolitions: Marksman: Element 3: Element Leader: Point-man: Medic: Machine Gunner: Grenadier: Banzai Flight: 2x Navy F-4B Phantom IIs Banzai 1-1: SSgt Speirs Banzai 1-2: 1st Lt Mira Minuteman: Rotary, choice of aircraft Pilot: CW4 Levorse Pilot: Pilot:
  2. Germany won in 1919, and Britain fell to the fires of revolution not long after. Now with Europe at war again, and Imperial Germany has made an amphibious landing in Wales. Start time is 1900 EST, Monday 5/17/2021 Modpack: Normal modpack plus https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660460283 and https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1679759270 Operation Sealion in Cardiff was a great success! The British are on the run, and Mosley himself can't stop us! As the panzergrenadiers of Kampfgruppe Whelan, you will take the Panther and clear up what remains of the British rear-guard and engage any other retreating forces. Advance to Objective SCHNEEWITTCHEN and link up with the 2nd Panzer to complete the encirclement. The Luftwaffe will be on call for fire support as needed. Grimm 1-1: Tank Commander: SSgt Spears Driver: Cpl Flick Gunner: 1st Lt. Mira Loader (Optional): Bow Machine Gunner: SSgt O'Brien Faust Squad: Sergeant: Msgt Falconer Machine Gunner: Radioman: Semi-Auto Rifleman: Grenadier: Anti-Tank: SSgt Rougthvedt Rifleman: 1st Lt. Night Rifleman: Rifleman: Medic: Overflow Squad: Sergeant: Machine Gunner: Radioman: Semi-Auto Rifleman: Grenadier: Anti-Tank: Rifleman: Rifleman: Rifleman: Medic:
  3. SSgt Boyle

    3d MRB Quote Book

    "let’s say, you’ve been a bad girl. let’s say, hypothetically, you’ve been a naughty girl even. ok, and if you were a naughty girl you would also be my dirty little slut right? then hypothetically speaking you would be my little cumslut. now let’s say that you’re also daddy’s girl" - @Maj Whelan and @LCpl Kobrinski
  4. SSgt Boyle

    3d MRB Quote Book

    "McMuster, what's your situation" - @Capt Hague "YARR, BROADSIDE!" - @GySgt McMuster as his boat engages a hostile gunboat
  5. SSgt Boyle

    SCP Fun Op: Operation Dutch 5/1/21

    In next month's entry in the SCP universe, the adventures of MTF Omega-2 "SNAFU" continue in Vietnam, where a monastery reportedly came under attack by an “invisible” entity. Start time is 1900 EST, Saturday 5/1/2021 Modpack: Normal modpack plus https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1587622288 and https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1450865805 An anomalous entity has been detected in Vietnam. MTF Omega-2 "SNAFU" has been dispatched to investigate and contain the anomaly. More info at the bottom. Team Radio: 1 MTF Omega-2 Team HQ: Radio 2 Team Leader: Team Chief: Team Medic: SSgt Spears Team Comms Chief: Element 1: Radio 3 Element Leader: Maj. Whelan Assistant EL: Capt. Koch Medic: 1st Lt Mira CSO: HM1 Frase CSO: SSgt O'Brien Element 2: Radio 4 Element Leader: Assistant EL: Cpl Shepard Medic: CSO: CSO: Element 3: Radio 5 Element Leader: Assistant EL: Medic: CSO: CSO: Element 4: Radio 6 Element Leader: Assistant EL: Medic: CSO: CSO: Item #: SCP-2662 Object Class: Unknown Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2662 is currently an unknown entity that has been detected in Vietnam. Limited reports from sources on the ground indicate that the SCP appears to be invisible to at least the naked eye, and is believed to be stronger than an average human as an emergency call to the local police included reports of skulls and spines being torn out of bodies. Several pairs of thermal optics are being deployed to MTF Omega-2 "SNAFU" as they move into the area, along with heavy caliber weapons, large-capacity magazines, and explosives. Description: SCP-2662 is an unknown entity at this time, with no detailed description available. This anomaly is believed to be responsible for the destruction of a monastery in the jungle and possibly other villages in the area that local authorities have been unable to communicate with.
  6. American Crew Believed to be Held Hostage by Pirates Off Indonesia Coast ADA News - March 7th, 2020 The Panamanian-flagged cargo ship MV Europa Flame has been reported as seized by pirates off the Northern coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. The vessel, owned by the Everblue Marine Corporation based out of the Netherlands, was transiting through the Malacca Strait when it was boarded. The company has issued a statement that the pirates had claimed that the American crew was alive, though the pirates were demanding a multi-million dollar ransom before they would release them. It is unclear what the current status of the crew is, but previous hostage-takings have indicated that the crew is not in the best of conditions. Everblue Marine has also stated it is working with its partners in the region to ensure a peaceful return of the crew and are in contact with the US government, while the crew's families are calling for all those involved to do everything in their power to achieve a safe return of the crew. Pictured: The Europa Flame docked in Tanoa last September The Strait of Malacca, where the ship was hijacked, sees roughly 40% of the world’s trade go through its waters, making it one of the world’s most important economic lifelines. Piracy has become a renewed threat to the region, as some of the pirate groups have become more organized and dangerous, while the navies of the region have been preoccupied with the rise of China. At least 60 vessels were attacked last year and the numbers are expected to rise this year as well. Viewed as a response to this recent hijacking, insurance rates for vessels traveling through the region will be increased at the end of this quarter. By Claude Auchinleck ADA News
  7. Chernarus: A Nation on Life Support Grand Central Times - March 1st, 2020 Though the Chernarussian Civil War ended in a victory for the Republic of Chernarus and their supporters in the West, the country has little to show for it. Its economy before the war was based largely on lumber with hopes for tourism and a small manufacturing base in the eastern half of the country to expand economically. While the pillar of the Chernarussian economy, the lumber industry, managed to survive relatively unscathed, tourism has dried up over fears of unexploded ordnance, and the fledgling manufacturing sector has collapsed due to the bombs that did detonate. With a substantially larger portion of the country’s GDP going towards rebuilding its exhausted and battered military this year, social programs have taken cuts and efforts to rebuild are slowing as Western aid dries up. President Nickolai Ivanovich, who came into power shortly before the civil war, is facing calls to do something to fix the lingering and growing problems plaguing the country, but the already tenuous hold on power he maintained during the war has started slipping as political parties resumed their bickering and partisanship once the conflict ended. Those who aligned with the DPRC have also made life difficult for the Chernarussian government, though they have so far only used non-violent methods after their military defeat. Pictured: Belgian peacekeeping troops on patrol in Chernarus The nations of the West, who made a large show of support coming to the aid of the small Eastern European nation when it appeared Russia would invade during instability, have largely abandoned the region. A small Belgian peacekeeping force is all that remains of the several NATO divisions that were fighting in Chernarus not five months ago, and much of the foreign aid that was promised is stuck in limbo in a dozen legislatures. The US maintains a watchful eye on the region, as flight data shows near-constant patrols of fighter jets over the ROC and Ukraine, but many at home are unwilling to commit more forces to a country that they no longer see as vital to containing Russia. The Russian bear also seems to have lost interest in Chernarus, at least for the time being. At the moment, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been most vocal about what it calls “Eastern Interference” in the elections of Kazakhstan, an ally of Russia since the Fall of Communism, who has just elected what Russian media has taken to calling a “Beijing Puppet”. The infighting on the political stage in Russia has also taken its toll though not publicly, as the quiet reassignments of several advisors and the apparent suicide of one general can attest. At the end of the day, however, this means that Chernarus will be left to fend for itself in a world that does not take kindly to those on their own. By Anthony McAuliffe Grand Central Times
  8. Boko Haram Remains a Threat in Sub-Saharan Africa ADA News - February 11th, 2020 While Boko Haram has in recent months suffered a series of defeats in Nigeria, its presence in Sub-Saharan Africa has not diminished as much as some had hoped. It appears that the terrorist group has taken advantage of Islamic State’s setbacks in Afghanistan and Syria, offering the terrorists a safe haven and a promise of a renewed Caliphate. The leadership of Boko Haram has also switched tactics, embracing a more structured system of control in their occupied territories and focusing on securing weapons and funds. Pictured: Aftermath of the bank heist in Djibo In an apparent demonstration of that change in tactics on Monday, it was reported that the Coris Commonwealth Bank in the city of Djibo in northern Burkina Faso, was the victim of a coordinated raid by Boko Haram. The bank robbery, which left eight civilians and two police officers dead, is believed to have provided the terror group with approximately $700,000 USD, which has only raised the concern about the group’s ambitions. For comparison, it is estimated that the 9/11 attacks cost Al-Qaeda somewhere between $400,000 and $500,000 USD. Some, however, are doubtful that even with the influx of cash and fighters, the terror group will be able to maintain a long-term presence in the region. By Alan Cunningham ADA News
  9. Iranian Counteroffensive Retakes Siraf Main News Channel - January 27th, 2020 The ongoing counteroffensive that was launched last week by the Iranian army has retaken the important crossroads of Siraf, severing the overland supply lines Saudi forces had with their troops west of the town. This leaves at least two Saudi brigades surrounded, and the port facilities in the area have taken heavy bombardment from Iranian ballistic missiles. The fighting in the area has reportedly claimed at least 55 lives from soldiers on both sides, and there are concerns that civilians in the area are in danger of suffering from a lack of medicine. Pictured: Iranian ballistic missiles landing in on the Saudi-occupied port of Tonbak. The Saudi invasion of the Iranian coast started with some wondering if the battered Iranian military would simply be forced to retreat into the mountains and surrender their coast to the Saudis. This week’s counteroffensive has dispelled those beliefs, routing the Saudi army who has so far only seen small skirmishes from scattered and largely untrained Iranian garrison forces. With the deployment of the battle-hardened regular Iranian forces fresh from fighting on the Kurdish front, the spread-out Saudis suffered a string of defeats in the western half of the country. There are numerous reports of Saudi units falling back in a disorganized manner, though a spokesperson for the Saudi armed forces denied these as “worthless Iranian disinformation”. By Philippe Leclerc Main News Channel
  10. Saudis Seize Bandar Abbas, Advance Slows in Zagros Mountains Grand Central Times - January 20th, 2020 Elements of the Saudi 17th Mechanized Brigade and the 22nd Light Motorized Brigade have completed their capture of the coastal city, Bandar Abbas, according to a spokesman for the Saudi Armed Forces. After a short battle with the last holdouts of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps on the north side of the city, the Saudis claimed victory over the entire urban landscape, despite reports of skirmishes continuing well into the night. The Iranian armed forces, which have already been stretched incredibly thin fighting the Kurdish rebellion and attempting to make up for their losses from the American bombardment of the Iranian coast, were unable to make much of a conventional defense of the region, though the Saudi advance has not been without losses. The Iranian Human Rights Observatory reported that at least thirty-five Saudis were killed in yesterday’s fighting, though the Saudi government only confirmed six. Pictured: Saudi Forces advancing from their beachhead West of Bandar Abbas The Saudi invasion, ostensibly to “restore order to the Arabian Sea and ensure that global trade is not disrupted”, has faced criticism as a blatant land grab and doubts have been raised about how far the Saudi army intends to push into Iran. Iran has decried the invasion as illegal and has already tabled a motion at the UN to sanction Saudi Arabia for their actions. There have also been sporadic counter-attacks by the Iranian armed forces, but for the time being the scattered Iranian troops along the coast have largely been forced to fight tactical withdrawals towards the Zagros mountain range. Many analysts have speculated that without the American strikes along the coast in 2019, the mostly-unopposed landings would have been impossible for the amphibious-inept Saudi Royal Land Forces. By Archibald Wavell Grand Central Times
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    Operation Silenced Beaver: Nam OP 04/17

    I'll take Squad 1 AEL please
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    Operation Horizon Fun Op 04/10

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    WW2 Fun Op: Operation Jenkins

    There will be 10 additional slots available for any who wish to join and haven't signed up yet.
  14. US Air Force Tests New Bunker-Buster Main News Channel Dateline: January 9th 2020 The Air Force confirmed that a test of its new bunker-buster munition, the Advanced Massive Ordnance Penetrator (AMOP), occurred at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada on Thursday. This weapon, a smaller version of the original MOP, is capable of achieving much of the same results of its previous generation, at a third of the cost and half the size. The latter allows the B-2, the primary delivery vehicle of the US arsenal of heavy bunker-busters, to carry twice its payload without sacrificing penetration power. Pictured: AMOP test picture released by US Air Force Some have pointed to the increased tensions with North Korea since their recent nuclear test as the reason behind this test, though the Air Force denied these claims, stating the test was scheduled months in advance. The last North Korean nuclear test, coupled with a series of long-range missile tests, has become a significant point of contention between the hermit state and the rest of the international community. The test, believed to have been a thermonuclear detonation with a yield of approximately 350 kilotons, is the largest weapons test the North Koreans have ever launched and has renewed fears they will use their newfound effective deterrence to attempt to influence the region and possibly force the US to decrease its role on the Korean Peninsula. By Edwin Harding Main News Channel
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    Fun Operation Reign of Fire - March 31st @1900EST

    One shocktrooper/expendable meatbag, please