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  • In Universe Dateline: September 17th 2020
  • Heavy fighting on the outskirts of Kidal
  • Private contractors engage in merciless campaign against Boko Haram Remnants in Burkina Faso
  • Boko Haram claims to be establishing a caliphate in Mali
  • Russian jet has near-miss with Norwegian patrol aircraft over the Barents Sea
  • Chinese Maritime Militia in a stand-off with the Philippines
  • Nova Medellín Cartel takes several Europeans hostage in Columbia
  • Concerns over water supplies in Egypt grow over recent dam completion in Ethiopia
Sgt Melo

Malakabeli Powder Keg - The True Republic - 7th May 2017

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Malakabeli Powder Keg

The True Republic - 07th May 2017

Oil prices are rising due to the brewing conflict in the Arabian peninsula. Some of the biggest oil producers are locking down exports, all thanks to the Malakabeli Prime Minister who spoke out a few days ago against neighboring countries. He also condemned the U.S. and any other western country allied with their “untrustworthy neighbors”.

The continued aggressiveness of Malakabel has put everyone on the peninsula on edge, especially after the artillery exchange earlier this week that targeted Omani bases. American and British military advisers were present on those bases during the attack, but no casualties were reported among the two. The countries that surround Malakabel: Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, along with Oman, have slowed exports, citing the recent wave of attacks. They say they will continue to slow production until the threat Malakabel poses to their operations is contained.


Troops and private military contractors keep reporters back from a closed oil facility.
Both the Pentagon and State Department has issued multiple warnings, to no avail. The rogue country continues to string along international requests to negotiate, but history has taught us that actions speak louder than words, and Malakabel's actions are clearly aggressive.
“Malakabel has been given a fair share of warnings from both its neighbors and the U.S. and our allies," Commander of U.S. Central Command, Army General Bob Matthews said at a press conference on Saturday, "If they continue to threaten regional security, the United States will not tolerate this much longer. The United States stands by its Saudi, Emirati and Omani allies, and we will continue to ensure safety in the region.” 
General Matthews speaking to reporters from Oman on Saturday.
Malakabel’s so called “peaceful democracy” it prides itself to be is nowhere to be found, with their Prime Minister acting unilaterally to threaten peace in his country. Given the apparent promise to attack the US if we continue to support the Omani government, the government of Malakabel is forcing our hand to intervene. The threat to our military, our interests and our safety is too great to let this rogue nation simmer in its hatred of American values. 
Henry Thompson, for The True Republic.
This article is a work of fiction, intended to support the storyline of the 3d MRB Arma 3 realism unit.
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