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  • In Universe Dateline: May 22nd 2021
  • WAR IN EUROPE, The Balkans aflame once again
  • UN Condemns Serbian aggression against Kosovo and Montenegro. Urges immediate ceasefire.
  • Russian foreign ministry to release statement on conflict regarding combat aircraft stationed in Serbia.
  • Deleted Tweet from US Aviator: "Strap Me in My Cockpit and Point Me at Belgrade!"
  • Colombian army clashes with Nova Medellín Cartel. Dozens killed.
  • Private Military Company Cold Harbor reports record profits for 2020.
  • DOD official: "No US forces in the line of fire in Kosovo"
  • Industrial explosion blankets Indiana town with marshmellow fluff.
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Capt Hart

Unknown ACE Hotkeys and ACE 3 Changes 2022

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I keep being frustrated by ACE and other modpack updates being released without any notice to the unit on what's changed and how it will affect gameplay going forward and/or without features being tested or understood. This is my attempt to loosely fix that in the short term.


Thus a guide of new features from the latest ACE Update, how they work, and how it will affect you and your team.


Also some old features and tips to make your life a lot easier.


NEW Features implemented in the last update:


  • Parachute Failure Chance
    • ALL parachutes can now fail. This is currently set to a 10% chance. When you deploy a parachute it will go through the first half of the deployment animation and will then delete the parachute before it fully deploys. You will lose about 100m of altitude during the failure process. Real military HALO open height is 800m AGL. There is good reason for us to consider moving to this now.
  • Your Gun Will Shoot Itself [A lot] (Cookoff)
    • Your firearm will now FIRE ammunition on its own when it is hot. In my initial testing with a suppressed Hk416 after about 4 mags it will consistently shoot a round every 30s to 1 minute. After 5 mags it shoots once about every 10 seconds and after 6 mags it shoots a round every 2 seconds. 
      • ACE documentation seems to suggest that this is a much more rare occurrence on open-bolt weapons (Mk 46, M249s etc) and that it will only fire during a failure to feed jam but this is absolutely not the case. With a suppressed Mk46 after only 100 rounds she was firing on her own every minute or two and after 150 total rounds it was shooting by itself once every 3-5 seconds.
      • The un-surpressed Mk46 started shooting itself every 1-2 minutes after 400 rounds, and was up to every 30s by 600 rounds. Its also worth noting that in all this testing and A LOT of rounds fired involuntarily due to heat, my gun jammed ONCE.
    • Current CBA settings under [Configure > Game > Configure Addons > ACE Overheating > Overheating Cookoff Coefficient] Have the current value set to 1 out of a possible 5 with higher numbers requiring MORE heat to generate cookoff.
    • The weapon fires ONLY when in an animation state where firing is possible. Meaning that switching weapons, moving in a jog stance prevent the weapon from cooking ammo.
      • EDITORS NOTE: This frequency to me seems QUITE excessive. The fact that this incredibly rare phenomenon occurs predictably and linearly and is substantially more common than weapon jams, indicates to me that this feature is unreasonable and not functioning as intended. If you feel the same, contact your CoC. I personally am of the opinion this feature should be turned off until it's fully tested and understood to be reasonable. If it is to be implemented, the heat threshold should definitely increase to make it be rarer than weapon jams.
  • Vehicle Towing
    • The ropes in the arsenal of various lengths, previously used only for fast-roping, can be used to tow other vehicles now. Simply have the rope in your inventory and go up to the vehicle that will be doing the towing. Interact with it and select "Towing". From there attach the rope to the position you desire on the TOWING vehicle and then go to the vehicle TO BE TOWED and attach the rope where you want it. Jump into the first vehicle, drive and enjoy.
  • Stance Indicator Changes
    • The stance indicator (Normally in the top right of your screen that shows if you're standing, kneeling etc) now displays if you have a Tourniquet attached to you and if you have a broken bone.
    • The stance indicator also indicates your current movement speed at the bottom of the widget, but only while you are moving and it is visible. You can only see this widget by changing your stance (Standing, Kneeling, Prone ETC) not by changing your movement speed.
      • "[<<<" Means sprinting.
      • "<<<" Means Jogging.
      • "<<" Means Combat Pace.
      • "<" Means Walking.
  • Clean Up "Self Interact" menu items
    • You can move infrequently used items under self-interaction to a "More" category so it clutters up your self-interaction menu less. To do this go to Escape > Configure > Game > Configure Addons > [From the Dropdown Menu] ACE Interaction Menu Self - (More) and select/enable/box the items you'd like to disappear into a neat sub-category.
    • You can move items that are normally part of subcategories (Like Equipment) into the main ACE Interaction menu. (Like Deploy UAV or Weapon Accessories) To do this go to Escape > Configure > Game > Configure Addons > [From the Dropdown Menu] ACE Interaction Menu Self - (Move to Root) and select/enable/box the items you'd like to appear in your main menu for self-interaction.
  • Map Marker Scale
    • When placing a marker on the map, now below the "Direction Slider" there is a "Scale Slider" which lets you adjust the relative size of the map marker being placed.
  • Shoot While Dragging/New Keybind
    • There is a new CBA setting, currently set to Enabled, which allows you to shoot your weapon while dragging people. This also means that the "Release" button (Stop Dragging) has moved from "Left Mouse Click" to now being "Right Mouse Click" which I guarantee will result in a lot of NDs and people getting shot as people have to relearn muscle memory for that.
  • Rename Group
    • The ability to rename your group, to say Legion 6, is now available for group leaders under "Team Management" in ACE Self Interaction. This is also where you find the colors for buddy teams.
  • Burning/Fire
    • You can * receive burn wounds and get lit on fire. If you are on fire: you're fucked. Rolling around on the ground has ZERO effect. The only way to put it out is through the medical menu with a new action under "Advanced Treatments" that says "Pat out Fire". It seems as though you have to do this on every limb, repeatedly in order to put it out. You'll pass out long before you can successfully manage that. Standing in large bodies of water will also put you out. Zeus Heals seem to only work if done twice.
    • * I can't figure out when this actually happens aside from a new Zeus Module entitled "Burn Players." Standing on a campfire or near/in a burning vehicle does cut damage as per normal and doesn't light you on fire. I'm including what I've seen here though in case it crops up for some unlucky sod. Also, being on fire makes you scream hilariously.



Older Features that no one knows about because no one told you


  • Weapon Attachment Interactions
    • This is technically from an earlier update but you can add/remove weapon attachments from the firearm you have in-hand by Self Interacting and then going to Equipment > Attachments.
  • Incremental Door Opening/Kybind for Door Opening
    • You can crack doors, incrementally open and close them, and have a keybind to look at a door and open it instead of faffing with the scroll wheel. To use this go to Escape > Configure > Controls > Configure Addons > ACE Common [From the Dropdown Menu] and bind a key (or key combination) to Open/Close Door. (I Use Shift+Space).
      • When looking at a door, tapping this key or key combination will toggle the state of the door. (Closed to Open OR Open to Close) Pressing and holding this key followed by scrolling on your scroll wheel will allow you to incrementally open or close the door.
  • Hotkey to Take People (Including AI) Prisoner
    •  Press a button while looking at someone and TADA they are in cuffs. No screwing about with the interaction menu while an HVT is trying to jump out the window. To use this go to Escape > Configure > Controls > Configure Addons > ACE Common [From the Dropdown Menu] and bind a key (or key combination) to "Take Prisoner" (I Use Shift+F1).
      • You can now look at anyone, Player or AI, [USE FIRST PERSON FOR THIS. 3rd is jank.] and as long as you have zipties in your inventory, pressing this key will take them prisoner.
  • Hotkey for Cary/Drag
    • For all my SARCs or saftey-minded battle buddies: Press a key and pick someone up on your shoulders or drag them away from danger in the middle of a firefight rather than fiddling with your interaction menu. To use this go to Escape > Configure > Controls > Configure Addons > ACE Common [From the Dropdown Menu] and bind a key(or key combination) to "Carry/Release Object" and/or "Drag/Release Object"
      • You can now look at anyone), press the corresponding key and TADA animation started and the person is on your shoulders and moving or being dragged along the ground. Press the button again to put em down. This doesnt appear to work for objects (Like static weapons)
  • Repack Mags from Inside your inventory
    • Step 1. Have 2 or more magazines in your inventory that need to be repacked. Step 2. Be looking in your inventory for how many full or partial mags you have. Step 3. Double click on any of your partial (or full) mags and see the lovely context menu. Double click on "Repack Mags" and enjoy as you don't have to close out of your inventory and open up self-interaction to do the same thing.
  • Get in a vehicle hotkey
    • Don't spend time with the scroll wheel while waiting for extract. Just look at it, press a button, and you're in. To enable go to Escape > Configure > Controls > Configure Addons > ACE Movement [From the Dropdown Menu] and bind a key (or key combination) to "Vehicle Quick Mount". Then look at a vehicle, press the button, and watch as you jump into the first available seat.
  • Cruise Control for Convoys
    • Don't exceed your convoy speed, and adjust with speed changes on the fly. By Default press the "Delete" key on your keyboard while traveling a specific speed in a vehicle. After the keypress you can press W as hard as you want and your vehicle will not exceed your set speed. Hold CTRL + Scrolwheel Up or Down to adjust that speed limit by 5 in either direction to keep up with speed changes.
      • Don't like the keybind or don't have it bound? Go to Escape > Configure > Controls > Configure Addons > ACE Vehicles and bind "Speed Limiter" and "Increase Speed Limit" or "Decrease Speed Limit" as desired.
  • Hotkey for Engine On and Engine off
    • Press 1 on your number row to turn a vehicle off. Press 2 to turn it on. You're welcome.
      • Change the keybind in the same place as Cruise Control, its easily named.
  • Drop Grenade from ACE Throwing
    • Shift + G goes into ACE Throwing. Scroll wheeling changes the throw to a shorter over a wall or through a window throw. Press CTRL+G While ACE Throwing is up and watch as it changes to a drop grenade. Use the scroll wheel to move it closer or farther away from your body. Useful for smoke, chemlights and more. Just don't do it with a frag.
  • Cycle Weapon Attack Modes
    • Hopefully this is more well known. Some weapons (Javelins, Aviation, ETC) have alternative fire modes like Top-Down, direct and so on. Press CTRL + Tab to cycle through these.
  • Clear Weapon Jams
    • Press Shift + R. I recommend doing this as part of your reload procedure so you verify your weapon is not jammed before you reload it and don't accidentally reload a jammed weapon and continue to be unable to shoot. 
  • Stop moving your entire body or head around during ACE Interactions
    • Go to Escape > Configure > Game > Configure Addons > ACE Interaction [From the Dropdown Menu]. Inside here you will find all sorts of options to customize how your interaction menu looks and functions. If you'd like to just have a mouse cursor instead of moving your whole body, enable "Always Display Cursor for Interaction" for both the (Self) interaction menu and regular interaction menu.
    • Disable/Uncheck "Do Action when releasing menu key" to set your interaction menu so that you click on the interaction items you'd like to do instead of releasing a button press.
    • Enable "Display Interaction Menus as Lists" for both (Self) Interaction and regular Interaction to have your interaction items listed vertically as opposed to in a circle.
    • Play with other options in here to configure your interaction menu preferences as you like.



If anyone knows of other lesser-known features we can currently use, feel free to add them below.

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Appreciate it Hart, wasn't my favorite thing to find out we now could have a failure of the parachute in the middle of an FTX. Nearly splatted to learn this info.

Personally failure rate should be lower for the chute imo. Maybe 1% or .5%. Its something that can happen but usually doesnt.  These would make it 50-100x more likely than real life to have a malfunction. It is currently 1000x more likely to fail at 10% compared to real life failure rates. 

Cook off from heat should be super rare. Theres a weapon jam once or twice usually per mission. Cook offs should be maybe once every two missions under normal conditions. Obviously having to go cyclical on an MG is abnormal. 

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12 hours ago, Capt Hart said:

Cruise Control for Convoys

Recommend renaming this to speed limiter because an actual cruise control is coming in the next update.😉


3 hours ago, Capt Hawkins said:

Personally failure rate should be lower for the chute imo. Maybe 1% or .5%. Its something that can happen but usually doesnt.


3 hours ago, Capt Hawkins said:

Cook off from heat should be super rare. Theres a weapon jam once or twice usually per mission. Cook offs should be maybe once every two missions under normal conditions

Thank you for your input I will take it into consideration as i agree with these. You are the first person to express your concern about these settings.


Usually when new features come out I wait to update our version to the new one until I know there is nothing fundamentally broken with the new version (which happens from time to time) eg. Cookoff with the last update and making sure the medics are familiar with medical rewrites before updating. I will be better at putting out a post on new features when they are released to the public to allow people to have a chance to become more acquainted with any new features.

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