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  • In Universe Dateline: January 11th 2023
  • Philippine Fishing boat sinks after ramming by Chinese Coast Guard, 2 crew missing
  • North Korean Dictator dismisses member of Workers' Party of Korea Presidium, accuses them of treason
  • Drought spreads in Eastern Africa, increasing tensions over dwindling water supplies
  • Man attempts to breach nuclear missile silo, claims Government is "stealing his precious bodily fluids"
  • Takistan Putchists secure territory around regional capital of Bala Murghab
  • Two Russian Nationals detained by CDF after illegal border crossing
  • US Personel sucessfully evacuated from Takistan
  • Iran arrests three dolphins, claims they are US/Israeli agents
  • Venezuelan economy continues to fall as oil sales remain low
  • Cartel violence in Mexico escalates after kidnapping of cartel leader's daughter

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  1. MAJ Carrera

    Unknown ACE Hotkeys and ACE 3 Changes 2022

    Recommend renaming this to speed limiter because an actual cruise control is coming in the next update.😉 Thank you for your input I will take it into consideration as i agree with these. You are the first person to express your concern about these settings. Usually when new features come out I wait to update our version to the new one until I know there is nothing fundamentally broken with the new version (which happens from time to time) eg. Cookoff with the last update and making sure the medics are familiar with medical rewrites before updating. I will be better at putting out a post on new features when they are released to the public to allow people to have a chance to become more acquainted with any new features.
  2. MAJ Carrera

    Operation Gold Coast: Vietnam Fun Op 5/30/21

    Element 1 MG
  3. MAJ Carrera

    Winter Stand Down Antistasi

    Antistasi WotP server is now live, if you would like to change the default parameters, add/remove mods, or change island let me know. using 3d_ACE, ACRE2, CBA, Enhanced movement,GRAD Trenches, and all 4 RHS
  4. MAJ Carrera

    Operation Green Axe 2

    The guys over at the Apache project mod Milsim unit are hosting Operation Green Axe 2. This is an event inviting other Milsim units to play together in a PVPVE environment. Unit members are free to join the redfor or blufor side but not both to prevent cheating. So we must workout ahead of time which side we will want to play as. The sessions will last about 4 hours and there is no date set but they anticipate it to be mid-october. Pilots willing to fly in this OP will be flying the Apache project Apache, will need to familiarize them self's with the airframe as well as 9-liners and pass an extra evaluation process to qualify for flight. Please cheeki breeki this post if you are interested in joining, if we can get enough members we can sign up as a group. Here is the official announcement, click the registrations link for more details:
  5. MAJ Carrera

    Asymmetric PVP fun mission

    This is coming up this weekend those interested make sure you have the time zone right, it starts at 1900 EST.
  6. Put me in for the "Aviation Immersion Guy"
  7. MAJ Carrera

    Asymmetric PVP fun mission

    Also I should note, this will be locked first person.
  8. MAJ Carrera

    FVL/FARA Program

    A good article by Pop Mech: https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/aviation/a32319508/defiant-vs-valor-black-hawk-replacement/
  9. MAJ Carrera

    Asymmetric PVP fun mission

    Since we have a 5th weekend coming up I wanted to do something different, to change it up a bit. I will be hosting a PVP fun mission for anyone that wants to attend, the premise is Russian forces are defending several objectives on their island from an American special forces team. This will be a YDYD (ya die ya die) scenario meaning no respawns, once you die you will have access to the spectator camera and may chat among your fellow dead. That said I'm hoping each "session" should hopefully last about 30 minutes to an hour. multiple sessions are planed with the ability to change your side if you so wish there will not be a 2 hour limit we will go till we don't have enough players to continue. The catch; Russian forces don't have night vision and are limited to soviet block equipment but have more numbers than the Blufor team, right now I'm looking at a 4:1 ratio but that may change. Russians will have to rely on spotlights, flashlights and flares to find the Blufor team, they also have 2 armed GAZ's and 2 unarmed GAZ's for transport/patrols. Blufor also has a limited arsenal to affect balancing, they have Western based equipment, NVG's and IR equipment. 1x unarmed Reaper drone is available for use for ISR. Blufor has several ways that they may insert into the AO determined by the Blufor commander each game. Blufor has two types of objectives, primary (for winning the mission) and secondary (if completed offer powerful advantages to the Blufor). More information will be given during the mission setup phase. This game is not play tested and may not be balanced so I may restrict certain items if they deem to be overpowered. Right now the mission has 16 Redfor, 4 Blufor and 2 Zeus slots however I can add more depending on interest. Please reply below if you are interested in attending. Everyone is required to be a team player and have a good time. Comradery will be strictly monitored and if there is any problems then the mission will be ended prematurely. TIME: 1900 EST 31MAY20 MODS: Standard 3dMRB modpack
  10. MAJ Carrera

    Carrera's Camera Captures

  11. MAJ Carrera

    Carrera's Camera Captures