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  • In Universe Dateline: Febuary 14th 2023
  • Tensions rise in South Africa after no clear winner in Presidential election
  • Bomb in Tehran café kills three IRGC members, separatists suspected
  • Dominican Republic government on verge of collapse as gang violence escalates in Santa Domingo
  • Russia claims successful test of nuclear-powered cruise missile, experts remain skeptical
  • Man claims he was acting under Taylor Swift's secret orders after being arrested at NATO summit
  • Livonia detains 12 over suspected coup attempt
  • Sahrani troops disperse protest with gunfire, 8 reported dead
  • Hurricane rips through Florida Cemetery; Hundreds reported Dead

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  1. SSgt (Ret) Moraven

    3d MRB Quote Book

    LTC Brueske: "Did Detroit exist in '79?"
  2. SSgt (Ret) Moraven

    3d MRB Meme Thread!

    been passed over for an op day off every saturday for the last month....
  3. SSgt (Ret) Moraven

    3d MRB Meme Thread!

    When you live on top of a mountain and rejoin the unit.....
  4. SSgt (Ret) Moraven

    [ACCEPTED] Moraven, Karen Application

    First Name: Karen Last Name: Moraven Age: 25 Desired Duty Assignment: 0372 Critical Skills Operator ArmA III Player ID: 76561198004422387 Steam Name: Hive.Phenix Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Phenix723/ How long have you been playing ArmA III?: 500 Hours Are you currently a member of an ArmA III gaming clan or unit?: No How did you find out about us?: Returning Member If you were recruited by one of our members, who was it?: nobody Why do you want to join the 3rd Marine Raider Battalion?: Returning to milsim with friends Do you understand that if you have elected an MOS that is full at your completion of ITC, you may have to go to a different MOS for the time being?: Yes Do you understand that you will be required to own Arma 3 Apex DLC in order to actively participate in the unit?: Yes Do you understand the definition of realism gaming according to the 3d MRB, and is this the type of realism experience you desire and are willing to abide by?: Yes Have you read and understood the requirements for our unit and the criteria for being active and taking a billet in this unit and that failure to complete said criteria will place you into the reserve platoon?: Yes Do you understand the fact that this unit is a EST (GMT -5) time zone based unit, and unitwide operations take place on Sundays at 2000 EST (0200CET), or Saturdays at 1400EST (2000CET)? Yes
  5. SSgt (Ret) Moraven

    3d MRB Meme Thread!

  6. SSgt (Ret) Moraven

    3d MRB Meme Thread!

    Is only game. why you heff to be mad?
  7. SSgt (Ret) Moraven

    3d MRB Meme Thread!

  8. SSgt (Ret) Moraven

    That's so Moraven

  9. SSgt (Ret) Moraven

    FTX 06-17 Videos

  10. SSgt (Ret) Moraven

    3d MRB Meme Thread!

    So I have eye problems (apparently) and during night ops its kinda hard for me to PID because everything is green. Baz made this for me when i attempted to explain this.
  11. SSgt (Ret) Moraven

    That's so Moraven

  12. SSgt (Ret) Moraven

    That's so Moraven

  13. SSgt (Ret) Moraven

    3d MRB Meme Thread!

  14. SSgt (Ret) Moraven

    That's so Moraven