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  • In Universe Dateline: March 18th 2020
  • Chinese Cargo Ship Siezed by US Military in Indonesia
  • Two Police killed during a drug-related shooting in the Ikan Archipelago. Another five in critical condition
  • Hostages aboard the MV Europa Flame rescued by US Navy SEALs
  • Boko Haram robs bank for over $700,000
  • Ayatollah killed in suicide bombing during morning prayers in Tehran
  • Iranian counteroffensive launched against Saudi occupation forces
  • Saudi Arabia takes Iranian coastline relativly uncontested
  • Republic of Kurdistan established as a free and independant nation
  • New Afghan National Army clear Pol-e-Khomri of Taliban following a string of sucessfull offensive operations
  • Singapore and Malasia step up naval activity following increase in piracy along Malacca Strait

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MSOT 8311 - 26SEP21 2000EST

MSOT 8312 - 19SEP21 2000EST

MSOT 8321 - 18SEP21 1500EST


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  1. Netley

    Netley's Combat Footage and Postcards

    Team Training 06/13/20
  2. Netley

    Operation Flash Fire (Halo Themed Fun Op)

    I’ll take a rifleman position please.
  3. Netley

    Netley's Combat Footage and Postcards

    That one guy surviving out in the Desert until he was thwacked by a rocket
  4. Count me in for the second Machine Gunner!
  5. Netley

    Netley's Combat Footage and Postcards

    Accurate Account of Team Training Last night Ok maybe not super accurate but I did feel like I was playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 again with the new Optical Modes thanks Mod Team! Good luck reading this ha. Ten plus KIAs. Good hit. Good hit.; Oh, man, that's another ten plus confirmed, Hunter two one. Good shootin'; That's gotta be at least five... no, ten plus KIAs.; Oh man. That's at least ten more confirms Hunter Two-One. Good shooting. That's a direct hit hunter two one. Keep up the fire.; He's down. Be advised, Hunter 2-1, you have an enemy patrol by that bank to the north, over.; Hunter 2-1, fifteen-plus tangos approaching near the diner to the west, over. The convoy's here! Everyone on me! We're getting the hell outta here! Let's go, let's go! Ramirez! The convoy is just to the south of Burger Town, get your ass over here! Move! Overlord, Hunter 2-1. Be advised: precious cargo is secure, repeat, precious cargo is secure. We're oscar mike. Overlord copies all. Good job. Out.
  6. Age: 19 First Name: Ryan Last Name: Netley Steam Name: Ryan Netley Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ryannetley ArmA III Player ID: 76561198050565933 Desired Duty Assignment: On a Scale of 1 - 10 how closed is Fixed Wing? (0372 Critical Skills Operator) or (HM-8403 Special Operations Independent Duty Corpsman) How Long have you been playing ArmA III: 3252 Hours Do you own Arma 3 Apex DLC? (Unit Requirement): Yes Availability (Sunday/Saturday/Both): Both How did you find out about our unit? I used to Work Here If you were recruited by one of our members, who was it? N/A Why do you want to join the 3rd Marine Raider Battalion? Guys please open the door, its me Netley! Do you understand the definition of realism gaming according to the 3d MRB and willing to abide by this game style? I understand Do you understand this unit is EST(GMT -5) time zoned based. Operations take place on Saturday at 1500 EST and Sunday at 2000 EST. I understand
  7. Panzer IV "Bumblebee" Driver please
  8. Netley

    [ACCEPTED] Williams, John - Application

    @HMCS (Ret) (FMF) Williams Your application has been accepted. Since you are a returning member of this Unit, you are being placed in reserves where you are free to transfer to an available billet at your discretion. Respectfully Submitted, 2d Lt Netley S-1 Personnel Detachment
  9. Netley

    Unternehmen Theodoric - German Paratroopers in Crimea

    Paratrooper FG42 as well, please.
  10. Netley

    Netley's Combat Footage and Postcards

    Operation - "Our brave soldiers are dying"