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  1. As the Fighting Still Lingers in Chernarus, Americans Remain on Frontlines Grand Central Times - November 27th, 2019 Though the threat of full-scale conflict between the United States and the Russian Federation has passed with the withdrawal of Russian forces from Chernarus, the fighting has not completely ended here. During my time in the country I was able to interview several civilians and military officers, including some of the US advisors still deployed there in the Military Assistance Command, Chernarus (MACC). Lost in the news of the Stockholm Talks were reports of retribution killings by DPRC holdouts on those who were deemed to be traitors because they accepted the return on the legitimate government. At least 40 civilians are believed to have been killed in the past week, and there are still military engagements occurring on a regular basis. Pictured: US MACC Advisor (center) conferring with CDF officer at a checkpoint While I was embedded with a team from the MACC we came under fire on several occasions while the team attempted to make contact with CDF troops on patrol. I saw several Americans wounded in the fighting, though I was later informed that those same troops had recovered from their injuries and were still providing assistance to CDF. The amount of fighting still going on here has raised questions about how sincere the Stockholm Talks were. One of the Americans, who wished to be identified only as 'Master Sergeant Attila' for security purposes, even stated that they didn’t believe the Russians have completely left, saying that Spetsnaz troops are believed to still be operating in the country, despite Russia supposedly pulling out of the country. Whatever the truth of the situation is, it is doubtful it will be a peaceful recovery of this small European country. By William McAvoy Grand Central TImes
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    3d MRB Meme Thread!

    @SSgt Spears with the quality meme production. Dramatic version of McMuster getting overrun from Saturday's op
  3. **Priority Traffic** **Priority Traffic** **Priority Traffic** Date: Nov. 26th, 2019 FROM: USEURCOM TO: ALL FORCES IN THE CHERNARUS AREA OF OPERATIONS The CDF has recovered documents from DPRC safehouses and interrogations pointing at several possible safehouses being used across Chernarus as staging points for Spetsnaz to operate out of. At least one engagement, the loss of a CDF convoy carrying supplies to COP Hammer, has been confirmed as a Spetsnaz attack, as the level of sophistication is far above anything the DPRC resistance has demonstrated prior to this action. Several sightings by the CDF of unidentified hostile personnel have been reported near the Cherno-Russian border moving deeper into Chernarus, and only engage when attempts at capture are made. Evidence collected from sources on the ground and SIGINT intercepted in the AO has suggested that the 23rd Special Purpose Brigade under the GRU is currently being used as the main force operating in the country, but the information is limited at this time. The following towns are suspected of having a Spetsnaz presence: Tulga, Kumyrna, Prigorodki.
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    3d MRB Meme Thread!

    What happens when @MSgt Falconer is stuck at the back of the convoy
  5. THIS DOCUMENT IS CONSIDERED TS/SCI, UNAUTHORIZED DISSEMINATION OF THIS DOCUMENT IS PUNISHABLE WITH A PRISON SENTENCE OF UP TO 10 YEARS, A LARGE FINE, OR BOTH.  Translation of recovered documents from DPRC-occupied house on Skalisty Island, 0845, November 15th, 2019 Provided by CIA, translation agreed on by CIA and DIA analysts. Documents appear to be orders sent to the unit based on the island: “Captain, by order of General [sic] Surorov, your third platoon is to be returned to the mainland and absorbed into the Guards Battalion to help the General escape. He is the best chance we have of continuing our dream of freedom from the tyranny of Ivanovich. We will attempt to supply you as best we can, but the Americans and CDF are increasing their patrols. Continue to pin them as long as you can, but if you think you will not be able to hold, try to make it to the mainland and blend in with the civilian populace. Good luck” - Signed by a “Colonel Pavel Ilyin”. The “General Surorov” mentioned is believed to be Viktor Surorov, formerly a Colonel within the DPRC Armed Forces. He was operating in the Staroye area prior to the Russian withdrawal, and was spotted near Vyshnoye four days ago. He was a key proponent of the DPRC launching retaliatory strikes for US operations in Chernarus, and was believed to be working closely Russian Spetsnaz forces as they operated in the region. He is likely to be attempting to flee to Russia, and is probably still in the Zalenogorsk region. He is likely guarded by several platoons of loyalist troops and will likely put up stiff resistance to any force attempting to engage them. From Central Intelligence Agency
  6. Since there is no Deagle, let alone a gold-plated one, in the arsenal, no you can't @SSgt Speirs.
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    5th Weekend Funop

    This occurs in a parallel universe to our Chernarussian deployment so no extra mods required Briefing: Intelligence has determined that the DPRC, with Russian assistance, has begun producing chemical weapons at a facility Southeast of Dolina. MSOTs will deploy via HALO and locate the facility, capture any scientists/intel they can find, and then detonate charges at the underground entrance. Of note, a jamming platform has been seen in the area, and may interfere with comms. Aviation will be on standby for insertion and extraction (provided @CW4 Levorse is available). Mission begins 2000 EST this Saturday If there is any interest please react or threaten me with bodily harm below.
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    5th Weekend Funop

    I sometimes wonder if you intentionally never read anything I post @SSgt McMuster
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    5th Weekend Funop

    I'll just state for the record, Benson is gonna be struck by lightning at some point in this op. Stand next to him at your own risk.
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    3d MRB Meme Thread!

    Aviation exfiling the MSOT this op
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    3d MRB Meme Thread!

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    3d MRB Quote Book

    "We don't have a hostage negotiator, we just have @MSgt Falconer!" - @SSgt McMuster
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    The Great McMonkey Hunt of 2020

    Are you tired of @SSgt McMuster squashing your plans to carpet bomb half of Chernarus? Do you need hearing aids because he monkey screeched in your ear? Well tomorrow's your chance to blow him to kingdom come! Grab your MAAWS and AT mines, because we're going on a McMonkey hunt, Thursday 1830 EST. "Plot": McMuster gets a T-90 and he has to get to point A with no respawns. Hunters get a drone, razors, and all the explosives they want (no javelins), but don't know where he is going exactly. Hunters win if they kill him, McMuster wins if he reaches the point alive. Will adjust if too easy
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    The Great McMonkey Hunt of 2020

    Depending on how many people show up and how competent they are with stuff it will either be the little man portable drone or a Reaper or me pretending to be a drone operator in Zeus. Note: if Reaper, it will be unarmed
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    3d MRB Meme Thread!

    @SSgt McMuster "intercepting" the suspicious person with his MRAP
  16. Russians and US Agree to Ceasefire and Withdrawal in Chernarus Grand Central Times - November 1st, 2019 In the aftermath of the heavy fighting near the city of Berezino in Chernarus last night, diplomats from the Russian Federation and the United States met Stockholm to hold emergency talks as tensions reached a possible breaking point. The negotiations went long into the night, but reports say both wanted to prevent a full-scale war, and at 6:00 am local time, an agreement was reached. Both the US and Russia have agreed to withdraw all military forces from the territory of Chernarus over the coming week to defuse the crisis that has entered its fourth week and saw its bloodiest points in the conflict over the past few days. Some have put blame for the increase of fighting on the United States’ increased support of the Republic of Chernarus in the past week, while Russia and the DPRC appear to have halted their offensive actions in a failed attempt to consolidate. Pictured: US and Russian diplomats after signing the agreement There have also been indications of a possible purge of members of the Russian military leadership, with several high ranking officers not being present at the Security Council at this week’s meeting. The head of the Chernarussian Front and the Deputy Minister of Defense Ivan Gorkov, who had made several public statements in favor of a larger intervention in Chernarus, were not seen at the meeting, with no statement about their absence being made. The Ministry of Defense also denied that heavy fighting had taken place at their airbase north of Berezino, though they did state there had been a large fire at the ammunition bunker on the base, causing severe damage to their facilities there. By John Pershing Grand Central Times
  17. ***FLASH TRAFFIC*** ***FLASH TRAFFIC*** ***FLASH TRAFFIC*** Date: Oct. 30th, 2019 FROM: SUPREME ALLIED COMMANDER EUROPE TO: ALL COMBATANT COMMANDS IN THE CHERNARUS AREA OF OPERATIONS Intelligence has determined with a high level of confidence that Russian forces are planning an airborne operation, Codename “Smolensk”, within the coming days. The operation will be aimed against the Chernarussian Defense Force in an attempt to break the morale of the Republic of Chernarus and force them into accepting the secession of the DPRC. It is believed that the Russians intend to avoid engaging US forces and present a fait accompli to all forces involved. Elements of the 6th Guards Airborne Division are likely to be used, as the division has begun assembling at two airfields in Russia, with the suspected lead assault element, the 105th Guards Airborne Regiment, starting to assemble in the Krasnostav Airfield in Chernarus. Also of note, several An-12 “Cub” transport aircraft have seen moving to Krasnostav with modifications to the airframes that make the aircraft appear as NATO C-130 aircraft. It is believed these planes will serve as the spearhead to create disarray behind the frontlines and enable the rest of the airborne forces to seize objectives. CIA and DIA analysts have reached the conclusion that the Russian are pursuing this course of action in an effort to turn the tide of the conflict without risking an escalation with the US. Several sources within Russia have noticed the formation of several factions within the Russian government, namely divided along the lines of those who wish to escalate the conflict, and those who wish to draw down their forces. The latter currently appear to hold more sway, but the former have convinced Russian leadership to attempt this operation. A map of Operation Smolensk has been intercepted by SIGINT and is displayed below, translated by NSA and DIA. Execute an appropriate defensive deployment and begin immediate preparatory actions pursuant the tasks assigned in DODP 1945. Inform subordinate commands at once. A similar warning is being sent by the Department of Defense. Commander USAREUR inform the Chernarussians. All US bases in Europe are directed to take appropriate measures against sabotage. Copy to Dept. of Defense ***FLASH TRAFFIC*** ***FLASH TRAFFIC*** ***FLASH TRAFFIC***
  18. THIS DOCUMENT IS CONSIDERED TS/SCI, UNAUTHORIZED DISSEMINATION OF THIS DOCUMENT IS PUNISHABLE WITH A PRISON SENTENCE OF UP TO 10 YEARS, A LARGE FINE, OR BOTH. Intercepted transmission from Kamensk-Shakhtinsky Military Base to 6th Guards Airborne HQ, 0645, October 30th, 2019 Intercept provided by NSA, translation agreed on by NSA, CIA, and DIA analysts. “Moscow has agreed with the General, Operation Smolensk is authorized. You have three days, and Nicolas will be waiting for you in the Palace. Good luck Vasily” - Believed to be General Nikolyai Sharopov, commander of the 6th Guards Airborne Division. “Thank you, we will succeed comrade.” - Believed to be Colonel Vasily Chukov, commander of the 105th Guards airborne regiment, 6th Guards Airborne. Objectives of Operation “Smolensk” are unknown at this time. The reference to “Nicolas” is similarly undetermined, however the “Palace” has been referenced in other intercepts relating to the Krasnostav Airfield in Northwest Chernarus. Colonel Chukov has been involved in several of Russia’s more daring operations, including a commando raid on Georgian command and control bunkers in the Russo-Georgian war of 2008 and several clandestine operations in Ukraine. He and his unit were also among the first Russian units to enter Chernarus, but have largely been inactive during the ongoing crisis since then. The 105th Guards is well equipped and trained, with most of their unit currently stationed just across the border. SIGINT and GEOINT have determined that at least one platoon from this unit is deployed at the Krasnostav Airfield for the duration of this conflict. From: National Security Agency
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    I send "as per my last email" messages to ATF agents and tell police officers that the star next to the question on background check forms means they have to answer it
  20. Terrorist Attacks Against Russian Peacekeepers Escalating in Chernarus Soyuz News - October 29th, 2019 A pair of bombs were detonated in the DPRC town of Berezino yesterday as a convoy of Russian troops drove by on their way to support the defense of Elektrozavodsk. The attack killed several of the soldiers, as well as at least a dozen civilians who were nearby, Soyuz News has confirmed. The Chernarussian Liberation Front, an insurgent terrorist group that aims to force the DPRC into reuniting with the Republic of Chernarus, has claimed credit for the bombing, though they deny that civilians were killed, saying they only pursue military targets. This is just the latest in a string of attacks by the CLF across the DPRC, which according to officials there, have claimed at least 300 lives, most of them civilians. An estimated 58 of those are Russian peacekeepers, though the government has declined to comment on specific casualties. Pictured: Aftermath of Berezino attack President Antonov has issued a statement condemning these attacks, which he says might be supported from the other side of the border, though he did not specify if he believed that meant the CDF was supporting the CLF, or possibly NATO. He has also renewed his calls for the UN to step in and provide peacekeepers, rather than risking tensions with NATO, who refuses to accept a diplomatic solution to the ongoing crisis. By Nikolay Ivanov Soyuz News
  21. Fighting Reported Near US Base in Chernarus ADA News - October 26th, 2019 Sporadic fighting was heard in the area around Vybor Air Base yesterday, with reports of a Chernarussian helicopter being shot down being confirmed by the CDF. The CDF spokesperson, Captain Nicolai Vashanko, told gathered reporters that one of their Mi-8 transport helicopters had been downed by a shoulder-launched Surface-to-Air Missile as it transited from the air base to Chernagorsk, but also said that US patrols had defeated the insurgents. Several of the launchers were seized, and Capt. Vashanko stated they had not come from any of the CDF stockpiles, though he did not answer further questions about their origins. Several analysts have speculated that these launchers may have come from Russia Pictured: Captain Vashanko and members of the media examining captured launchers There was also limited looting in the town of Lopatino that occurred as CDF forces and police units were called away to deal with insurgents. It appears several of the local criminals took advantage of the lack of authority to seize medical supplies in the town and flee the town. They were unable to succeed, however, as several American units who had been patrolling for the insurgents stumbled upon them, resulting in two of the looters being killed and another 4 arrested. The Chernarussian government has stated that they have restored order to the area, and promised that even during times of war, the rule of law will be followed. By Arthur Currie ADA News
  22. Heavy Fighting Reported Near Chernarussian Capital Soyuz News - October 22nd, 2019 Reports of heavy fighting were confirmed by Soyuz News today, along with heavy losses on both sides. It is unclear as to who started the fighting, but what was believed to be a skirmish between Chernarussian forces escalated when American troops engaged in the fighting as well. Russian peacekeepers in the area were unwilling to risk further raising tensions in the region communicated to the Americans through the de-escalation hotline that they would not retaliate, but that any further hostilities would be met in kind. It appears that this was enough to halt their aggression, as the fighting died down shortly afterwards. Pictured: Aftermath of fighting near Elektrozadsk A DPRC spokesman has stated that approximately 30 soldiers were killed on their side, with another 57 wounded. The CDF claimed that only 10 of their troops were wounded, though credible sources have put their losses at over 50. There is no word from the American government on whether their troops were also injured in combat, but the recent tensions has seen a limiting in the Moore Administration’s willingness to share. After the provocation by American fighter jets last week, the eyes of the world have focused on the small nation, which has only made the recent fighting all the more worrying. Calls for retaliation have been heard on both sides, but as of yet it appears neither Russia nor the US is willing to start a shooting war.Heavy Fighting Reported Near Chernarussian Capital Attempting to somewhat defuse the current crisis, Russia again renewed its calls for a UN Peacekeeping force to take over duties in the region, but was again stifled by a joint American and British Veto at the Security Council. President Konanov has stated he is more than willing to resolve the issue of the two Chernarussian states’ legitimacy, but he has yet to hear a satisfactory assurance from the Moore Administration that the DPRC would be permitted to peacefully secede if it chose to. By Nikolai Yudenich Soyuz News
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    Soviet Occupation of Poland Fun Op

    Dibs on tank commander, with a back up MG slot
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    3d MRB Meme Thread!

    My main takeaway from tonight's op