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  • Heavy fighting on the outskirts of Kidal
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  • Russian jet has near-miss with Norwegian patrol aircraft over the Barents Sea
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Sgt Melo

Omani and Saudi aggressors backed by Western Imperialists - Malakabel Journal - 1st May 2017

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Omani and Saudi aggressors backed by Western Imperialists

Malakabel Journal - 01st May 2017

Fellow countrymen, our beloved Malakbel is once more under attack from our untrustworthy neighbors. As if the Saudis weren’t problematic enough with their ridiculous taxing of our oil and the unwillingness to renegotiate the pipeline treaty, the Omanis have revealed their true colors by attacking one of our precious few oil trains after it crossed the border. Oman has denied committing this heinous crime. Despite offering concessions, they've refused to provide access to one of their ports for this “costly accident”, as Oman likes to call the destruction of the train on their soil. This is despite proof uncovered by our heroic Leopard commandos that shows Omani munitions were used in the attack.
Adding to their ever growing hatred for Malakabel, the illegitimate Omani government refuses to renegotiate the pipeline treaty, which bleeds our people dry for the fruits of our labor. The bleating sheep Qaboos bin Mahmoud al Fatah would rather not have dealings with Malakabel after what he calls an "assassination attempt" on their ambassador. We've told the deputy prime minister that there was no attempt on his ambassador's life, and the criminals who tried to mug him are being searched for at this very moment. 
Oman is the same country that claims we are unqualified to build our portion of the pipeline in our country. They insist that we allow them to come build it for us! A motion that the disjointed Emirates and the oppressive Saudis have agreed to be reasonable given our lack of “expertise”. These same countries have tried to bully and intimidate us with the possibility of moving the pipeline around Malakabel if we do not stop trying to renegotiate the terms of this unfair treaty! A change we know they cannot afford.
This treaty will do more harm than good, having outsiders come build the pipeline in our stead will take much needed jobs from our people and the taxes imposed on the usage of this pipeline would make not benefit us the same way it would others. Saudi Arabia and Oman threaten that they will “intervene” to safeguard their best interests. The United States, ever so ready to destroy a democracy, has backed them. Oman has placed their troops, backed with foreign aggressors, along our safe and peaceful border.


Prime Minister Omar addresses oil workers affected by the crisis.

Prime Minister Khalid Omar has spoken to the public:
"Dear countrymen of Malakabel, heed my calls for action! Malakabel needs you to stand strong against these liars and cheats! They are unjust in their demands, and  at this very moment are attempting to annex our peaceful democracy. They work tirelessly to hurt their fellow Arab, using shameless tactics like starving our people, taxing our goods and making us look like terrorists. We are in fact the victims. The victim of foreign aggressors nearby and abroad. The infidels in the West have the pretension to order us to stand down, but they are ignorant to interfere with what they don’t understand. These Westerners, led by the Americans, only care about one thing: oil.
Right now our heroic and blessed troops have been mobilized to defend us from Omani aggression. Malakabel will not tolerate this insolence any longer, If the Western imperialists dare to come to our soil we shall show them no mercy!

In these dark times, I ask you to remember the words embroidered on our national seal:
Praise be to God, for Malakabel shall prevail."

Amadi Ibn-Musa for the Malakabel Journal.

This article is a work of fiction, intended to support the storyline of the 3d MRB Arma 3 realism unit.


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