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  • In Universe Dateline: March 18th 2020
  • Chinese Cargo Ship Siezed by US Military in Indonesia
  • Two Police killed during a drug-related shooting in the Ikan Archipelago. Another five in critical condition
  • Hostages aboard the MV Europa Flame rescued by US Navy SEALs
  • Boko Haram robs bank for over $700,000
  • Ayatollah killed in suicide bombing during morning prayers in Tehran
  • Iranian counteroffensive launched against Saudi occupation forces
  • Saudi Arabia takes Iranian coastline relativly uncontested
  • Republic of Kurdistan established as a free and independant nation
  • New Afghan National Army clear Pol-e-Khomri of Taliban following a string of sucessfull offensive operations
  • Singapore and Malasia step up naval activity following increase in piracy along Malacca Strait
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MSgt Falconer

Black Powder Red Earth mini campaign. Fridays Approx 2200 EST

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Operation Helios

Nation-State of Awbari
Ministry of the Interior Crisis Troop

Cold Harbor Special Projects Group

Kill Team EMBER




The nationalist revolution to overthrow Awbari’s puppet dictator has failed. Awbari has collapsed into civil war: Suicide bombings, sectarian death squads and IED attacks are the new norm.
To the East, the Islamist regime of Qasra fuels the chaos, providing weapons and leadership to the jihadist destabilizing Awbari: The Shadow Emirate. This has a purpose beyond chaos - facilitating the exploitation and pillage of the region’s invaluable rare earth materials.

These materials are passed to their patrons, the Chinese intelligence front company, Hongbin Alloy. Furthering Chinese industrial expansion across Africa, Hongbin feeds these materials, vital for the manufacture of batteries and transistors, to factories in impoverished and desperate states across the continent. Without labor or environmental oversight, these goods, forged from human suffering, can flood Western markets for consumers to gorge.


The border clades between Qasra and Awbari have defied any outside control since they were first erected by the Barbary Pirates in the 17th Century, and now they have become a hotbed for jihadists.


Tonight, victory will no longer be defined by control or westernization, but by perdition delivered by extremely well compensated government proxies.




a. Enemy Forces:

Shadow Emirate
Aayari Network
Hongbin Alloy Enablers


b. Friendly Forces

Awbari Defense Force (ADF)



Conduct kill/capture operations against members of the Shadow Emirate and Aayari network operatives in the Awbari-Qasra border clades.



Kill Team EMBER will deploy out of an ADF held airfield on the Western edge of the AO.

Modified civilian off road capable vehicles will be used to facilitate transportation across the large desert areas between the border clades.

All EMBER operatives will be issued:
1x Special Project Group Carbine
1x Customized Glock 19
1x Crisis Troop AVS or SPC Plate Carrier of their choosing


EMBER operators will deploy in western style plain clothes to ensure no confusion between EMBER operatives and members of the Aayari Network, Shadow Emirate or Hongbin Forces. All other equipment considerations at the discretion of the individual and subject to TL Approval.






Roundtable: MSgt Falconer

Ember Assault Troop Leader: 2ndLt Boyle
Ember UAV Operator : SSgt Rougthvedt

Ember 1 Team Leader:
Ember 1 Assaulter:

Ember 1 Assaulter:
Ember 1 Breacher:

Ember 2 Team Leader:
Ember 2 Assaulter:
Ember 2 Assaulter
Ember 2 Medic: SSgt Spears



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Ember 2 Medic


Or any medic.


I wanna be a doctor

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I'll take troops leader again (unless someone really wants it) and I plan on being there this time

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2 assaulter


edit: forgot about this and had something planned with my friend so I wont be showing :(

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