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  • In Universe Dateline: March 18th 2020
  • Chinese Cargo Ship Siezed by US Military in Indonesia
  • Two Police killed during a drug-related shooting in the Ikan Archipelago. Another five in critical condition
  • Hostages aboard the MV Europa Flame rescued by US Navy SEALs
  • Boko Haram robs bank for over $700,000
  • Ayatollah killed in suicide bombing during morning prayers in Tehran
  • Iranian counteroffensive launched against Saudi occupation forces
  • Saudi Arabia takes Iranian coastline relativly uncontested
  • Republic of Kurdistan established as a free and independant nation
  • New Afghan National Army clear Pol-e-Khomri of Taliban following a string of sucessfull offensive operations
  • Singapore and Malasia step up naval activity following increase in piracy along Malacca Strait
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From: [email protected] <Clark Williams>

To: [email protected] <Thomas Godfrey>

Subject: Chemical Weapons Intel Summary


Intel recovered from a seized cargo ship has indicated chemical weapon components have recently been transported through the Ikan archipelago into the Mediterranean.


The signature on several documents belongs to one Viktor Vasilyev, a Russian national who helped supply the materials for the 2018 chemical attack in Baghdad as well as supplying chemical components to Iran during 2018 and 2019. He evaded capture on numerous occasions during Operation Desert Dragon and recent intel from the CIA indicates he has expanded his clientele over the last year as a result of his higher-profile successes.



Viktor Vasilyev (ROUGHCOAT)


The port in the Ikan appears to have been used as a halfway stop between China or Eastern Russia and the Mediterranean. Recovered location logs and a Bill of Landing indicate this ship was on a return journey from an island in the southern Mediterranean where it offloaded Iglas, hazmat gear, Methylphosphonyl Difluoride, and Methylphosphoric Acid, which are components needed to create sarin. 


Email correspondences were recovered between this ship's captain, Siafa Osmani, Viktor Vasilyev, and one Zhao Qiu who is believed to be the captain of a second vessel. These correspondences contained basic instructions on the creation of sarin and were likely passed onto whomever the product was delivered to. These correspondences further indicate that the second vessel contains an additional shipment of components and has just arrived in the Mediterranean port.


I have transportation options arranged and am prepared to immediately redeploy forces to intercept this threat if necessary.


Lieutenant Colonel C. Williams
Joint Special Task Force Cobra




Ships Computer

Computer - 

"MV Hēi Zhēnzhū Location Logs"

MV Hēi Zhēnzhū' previously docked at a port in the Mediterranean. There is a reference to BOL #3411000


"Bill of Lading #3411000"

Contents - 1 Container of Level C Hazmat Suits and Gas Masks, 1 Container of Anti-Air Weaponry (Igla), Methylphosphonyl difluoride and methylphosphonic acid dichloride (DI-DI Mixture)

Shippers Signature on the bottom of the document  is "Viktor Vasilyev"


Ship Bridge/Captains office 

Computer - Excerpt from Email Correspondence, Viktor Vasilyev

The second process, uses equal quantities of methylphosphonyl difluoride and methylphosphonic acid dichloride, a mixture "Di-Di" in this process, rather than just the difluoride. This reaction also gives sarin, but hydrochloric acid as a byproduct instead.


Documents - Crew Manifest

Captain - Siafa Osmani
Chief Mate - Toyuwa Sane
Able Seaman (Cargo Operations) - Gamba Maalouf
Chief Engineer - Omari Okonkwo

Personnel on Shore Leave - Chief Cook  Batou Odili, Expected back at 1915 Hours

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