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  • In Universe Dateline: September 17th 2020
  • Heavy fighting on the outskirts of Kidal
  • Private contractors engage in merciless campaign against Boko Haram Remnants in Burkina Faso
  • Boko Haram claims to be establishing a caliphate in Mali
  • Russian jet has near-miss with Norwegian patrol aircraft over the Barents Sea
  • Chinese Maritime Militia in a stand-off with the Philippines
  • Nova Medellín Cartel takes several Europeans hostage in Columbia
  • Concerns over water supplies in Egypt grow over recent dam completion in Ethiopia

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  1. LCpl (Ret) McKnight

    Lets talk Guns!

    my mother tells me i'm a handsome boi with big calves
  2. LCpl (Ret) McKnight

    Lets talk Guns!

    My chopper go PING
  3. LCpl (Ret) McKnight

    The 1986 Libya Air Campaign (First Mission @ 17-JAN-18, 1900)

    lemme get that f14 BONEless
  4. LCpl (Ret) McKnight

    The 1986 Libya Air Campaign (First Mission @ 17-JAN-18, 1900)

    in like flynn those vanilla explosions without blastcore are gross tho
  5. LCpl (Ret) McKnight

    Arma 3 : Antistasi

    Not sure how many of y'all have heard of this, but Antistasi is a SP / co-op scenario (aka no additional mods required, fully RHS compatible & integrated, etc) that is intended to simulate guerrilla warfare. In Antistasi, you're apart of an American backed rebel group attempting to liberate Altis / Tanoa from Russian occupation. You initially start out dirt poor with AKS-74Us, Makarovs, and shitty backpacks. You grow your arsenal by doing hit and run attacks on Russian towns / checkpoints / patrols, recovering their equipment, and putting it in your arsenal crate at your camp (and you can choose where your camp is anywhere on the map). Once you grow your arsenal and armies, you can begin to conquer towns, military installations, and so forth and recover APCs, trucks, and helicopters. It's a completely persistent campaign, and apparently some games can take a month or two to complete. Antistasi is hard as fuck, but it's also rewarding as hell when you successfully pull off a hit. @1stLt Jennings and I have been playing the hell out of it and it's a blast. Here's a not so complete feature list: - Foreign Politics / Civil Support System- Around 18 possible Sidemissions which may happen everywhere. Assasination, Logistics, Destroy Assets, Rescue POWS, Conquer Missions in a wide variety on each type.- Possibility of Undercovered Operations, same as a Resistance soldier can do.- AI Enemy Commander which reacts to your movements and manages his resources.- Enemy Network Comms that may be disrupted.- Anything may happen, anytime, anywhere.- Persistent Stat Save System: You won't loose game or server progress upon a game update.- Enhaced AI Squadmate control.- Playable in SP, MP, and persistent open server MP.- Cooperate while compete to be the commander of your side (MP Only)- Build minefields, improve bases with static weapons which AI will use.- Altis gets destroyed as long as the war evolves.- From Guerrilla ambushes on the begining to BIG battles at the end. And that list doesn't do a lot of the features justice. Antistasi can be complex at times, but in a good way. It isn't a watered down advance and secure type of deal like Liberation is. You truly have to play with actual guerrilla tactics in mind if you want to survive in the early going. I'd love to get some people together and run this together. Here's the link to Workshop if anybody's interested: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1142881541 And an Imgur gallery with anecdotal events: https://imgur.com/a/d9hTg#0l1otDP
  6. LCpl (Ret) McKnight

    Koch's Fun Ops

  7. LCpl (Ret) McKnight

    01JAN18 8PM EST - Koch Fun Op - Zombie Night

    Paramedic, cop, or hunter
  8. LCpl (Ret) McKnight

    Daily Mail

  9. LCpl (Ret) McKnight

    World In Conflict

    All this WiC shit makes me want more Cold War stuff in ArmA. I just wanna defend FRG against Ivan with my friends
  10. LCpl (Ret) McKnight

    PMC stlye fun stuff?

    Sure, I'm game. Contracting shit is cool af
  11. LCpl (Ret) McKnight

    Koch's Fun Ops

    in like flynn cyka
  12. LCpl (Ret) McKnight

    MC's Mediocre Media

    bro how'd you get internet on your Nokia?????
  13. LCpl (Ret) McKnight

    Dark Business Fun Op (2 DECEMBER)

    I don't know bro, what I personally like about DB is that everything that happens is because of the participants' actions, so if blu loses the trail they're SOL unless they can pick it up again. I didn't play blu this time around, only red and green. It's pretty tense wondering if and when blu will come knocking down doors and whatnot amidst negotiations between red and green.
  14. LCpl (Ret) McKnight

    World In Conflict

    Fucckkkkk I love WIC, Cold War stuff makes me feel some type of way
  15. LCpl (Ret) McKnight

    Dark Business Fun Op (2 DECEMBER)

    Yeah, imo the civvie traffic would be good. It doesn’t have to be overkill, just some traffic that requires distuingishing between civilian traffic and actual bad dudes